Three Terrible Games to Play Instead of Celebrating Christmas

Hardcore Gamer: The holiday season is upon us, and thanks to increasingly rampant commercialism, it’s better than ever before. Unfortunately, the whole “friends and family” thing hasn’t quite died off yet, and Christmas is still very-much infested with cheek-pinching, mistletoe-dodging, and gift box-shaking aplenty. However, thanks to some advances in technology over the past few years, acknowledging your family during these trying times is a Facebook “like” away. Don’t let them fool you into caring. Instead, play some video games. Awful, disgusting Christmas-themed video games.

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NovasRevenge1549d ago

why just why would anyone want to do that. what a worthless article

LogicLee1548d ago

You know, Jesus suffered for your sins, and being that Christmas is his celebrated day of birth, it's only fair that you suffer as well. Merry Christmas!

_QQ_1549d ago

Aliens CM,Beyond two souls, i'm thinking either ryse, knack, or walking dead for the last one. Merry Xmas everyone.

ForgottenProphecy1549d ago

Beyond Two Souls wasn't by any means a bad game. It just wasn't as good as Heavy Rain. If you're talking about Survival Instinct, then I have no problem with Walking Dead up there, but the TellTale game is fantastic. Knack was also just okay, but it could have been a lot better.

SolidGear31549d ago

But Beyond: Two Souls is the #2 greatest game ever made behind The Last of Us. The Walking Dead is also great. Aliens: CM was decent but nothing big.

Summons751549d ago

Excuse me, Elf Bowling maybe terrible but that is what makes it AWESOME haha, good times, goooood times.