Opinion: Consoles Should Mimic Steam’s Library Feature

GI - "The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have been out for eight years now. For those of us that purchased them at launch, digital libraries have grown with the advent of Games on Demand, PlayStation Plus, and more compelling digital-only titles. If you’re like me, after eight years (especially with the more recent digital sales), you might not remember everything you’ve purchased."

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DualWielding1614d ago

it could be better but I really don't mind Sony's download list... the list is there a search function would be nice but its not something I care much for one way or the other.... I can't speak for 360 since I don't have one....

Now Nintendo on the other hand they are terrible with tying games to BOTH an ID and hardware you get the worst of both worlds..... it should be illegal for them to sell digital games without providing a mechanisms for you to recover your games in case your system is lost or stolen

Gabenbrah1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

I hope the SteamBox becomes a strong competitor, it may just force Sony and MS to lower digital prices and do bigger and better sales, offer free online and maybe, just maybe, allow mods on consoles.

MrSwankSinatra1614d ago

You people keep asking for lower digital prices but it's never gonna happen until we stop using physical discs. Reason why digital copies are sold for the same price as physical. Is to keep retailers happy. Why do you think when you go to any major retailer their PC game section either is really small or doesn't exist at all? Retailers won't sell the physical disc if consumers will get a cheaper digital alternative.

oof461614d ago

This also goes back to how much power retailers have over console makers. Cheaper digital prices would anger retailers and they would stop carrying those consoles.

It's a slippery slope for consoles. Good thing Steam has shown a working blueprint.

Gabenbrah1614d ago

I'm already all digital, do you not see how my name is Gabenbrah? I love Steam and Gabe Newell ;)

MrSwankSinatra1614d ago

LOL @ the Disagrees, so i'm wrong for speaking truth. get a life people

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DCfan1614d ago

Lets hope steam fix their OS

_QQ_1614d ago

There is ALOT consoles should mimic from steam.

iamnsuperman1614d ago

There is also a lot these stores shouldn't copy from steam. As much as I like the discounts and kind of the download list, the actual layout is horrible. Steam has an awful layout that makes it very difficult to randomly come across game. I really don't rate the store's (apart from the discounts which I think has blinded a lot, not saying you are, about how good steam really is

DoctorJones1614d ago

How is it hard to 'randomly' come across a game? Choose a category - Action, Adventure, whatever - and look at the list of random games that come up. It's a much better way of finding games than on the ps store, and there are tons of them.

That's not a good argument at all.

iamnsuperman1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )


Then what. You have to go down a list to find the game. The lists isn't logical either. You have to go through a lot of crap to find stuff. It is unintuitive and boring. The reason why I don't browse the steam store. A really big flaw in the design

DoctorJones1614d ago

You're asking to 'randomly' find a game, so click on page 12 or page 24 or whatever and that's a random look for a game.

If you don't want to really randomly look for a game click on the best sellers lists and go through them, which will likely find you a lot of quality games. Other than that, read some reviews of some games and then find them on Steam.

What exactly are you asking for because you're not making a lot of sense. There are bound to be some crap games on there because there are tons of games on the store. You would have the same problem, or worse, if you looked on a similar store.

kingduqc1614d ago

I still don't get why consoles exist. They are inferior in every single way to an open platform like PC. The only thing they had left was the ease of use witch is slowly fading away with all the installation you need on console and the PC being more and more user friendly then what it was the last 5 years.

The only argument console gamer has are exclusive of their beloved franchise. Those franchise/devs would do as good if they where open to all platform and console would just die off without those "hostage" they take. I mean, the console are just locked down pcs with limited software. Just like BLU RAY/HD dvd, we don't need more then 1 platform for gaming. Dev would get more sales/money/bigger audience/more $ per game sold, gamers would be allow to pay less and play more games (also on form factor they desire) and we would not be stuck with old hardware in the past every damn cycle.

SAYGUH1614d ago

Finally someone agrees with me, a PC platform would save alot of time for everyone. More games & innovation, plz make it happen

DCfan1614d ago

*Looks at steam lbrary*
So much for innovation.
Im not saying consoles are anybetter with all of AAA garbage, but steam indies are on a way worse levels

Agent Smith1614d ago

I bought Batman: Arkham Origins on Steam the day it came out. While playing through it, I ran into glitches that wouldn't let me past the Bane fight. Had I bought it for my PS3, I could've sold it and got most of my money back. Instead, I have to keep that disaster of a game in my Steam list forever. There IS room for both physical and digital games.

GenHero1613d ago

wait for a patch or find a mod that fixes it

KakashiHotake1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

PC gaming is a very dull experience and is meant to be played by loners, or just plain solo. I game on PC every once in a while for particular games but it is a very isolated way to game and even the online community is full of pricks and weirdos. Everyone I know that games on PC primarily has no life. You just sit in one spot all day long playing all by yourself and never enjoy the outdoors or even game with other people. At least consoles are meant to be enjoyed with family and friends. PC's are mainly meant to be in a office or business setting with games as an added feature. Gaming PC's are just the ultimate gateway to to anti-socialism. Don't get me wrong, not saying that gaming on PC is a bad thing even I do it, but you PC master race guys have it all twisted.

Jovanian 1614d ago



Lol. If you are going to try to insult an entire demographic of gamers, try not to look like a fool yourself

nunley331614d ago

Being anti-socialism is a good thing but don't tell that to Obama,he'll use the IRS as a weapon on you.

KakashiHotake1614d ago

People may not like the things I've said regarding PC gamers, but maybe next time you'll think twice before bad-mouthing consoles with all that master race superiority mumbo jumbo.

DualWielding1614d ago

well close platforms do have the advantage of no hardware fragmentation that allows them to achieve more with lesser hardware... Now whether developers actually take advantage of the level of optimization possible when working with a single hardware configuration is a different matter... most first party titles from the big 3 do, but most other developers tend to be lazy in this regard...

The other big advantage of consoles is that you buy one and is good for the live of the console (a top end pc bought the same day the PS3 released is useless for gaming purposes today while the PS3 is still relevant)..

mmc-0071614d ago

why did rock star make GTA V exclusive for consoles? Because they make more money of it, just look up any game thats on both console and pc. You will find games selling much better on consoles. I think that we can argee that consoles also get more dev support. the main reason for that is piracy. you're right about pc being more powerfull and "open" but that as far as it gets. don't bring this console peasant thing up, i'm quit sure I have a better rig that you. i've seen alot of these pc elit forces claiming to have a beter specs than these consoles, but when I ask for a screen shot of their specs they suddenly disappear. also wishing that these machines wouldn't exist, even when they are the ones who made gaming so popular. just imaging how many people would lose their jobs if these machines didn't exist.

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Jovanian 1614d ago

Until they start mimicking being free, steam will always be better than PS+ or XBL

wolfsaviorzx1613d ago

Steam Online still kinda sucks, it's hit or miss whether someone has a mic (same with PS3 but PS4 fixed that problem). Not saying online is bad, connection is usually better but without communication what's the point? Just hoping Valve mandates a cheapo mic with every steam machine to help increase mic usage on pc.

webeblazing1613d ago

Wasn't this Xbox fanboys goto line last gen to PS fanboys that hardly anyone uses a mic. And what did everyone say who care I only talk when I'm gaming with friends.

In every PC article even tho this one is weak console gamers try so hard to grasp straws. The thing I Dont get about kids these days is why they try so hard to talk to or pretend they're best friends with strangers but are anti social ^^(what the idiot up there was trying to say) in person. Young people are so anti social these days but put life stories online, tell strangers you game with personal things, etc. But I Dont get why people think every want to talk to you. Dont get me wrong I like talking online (sometimes) and like talking on the mic while playing (sometimes), but most of the time I Dont really care about using the mic.

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