Nomura Waiting For Next Opportunity To Reveal New FF XV Info, Gives Update On Kingdom Hearts 3

GearNuke: Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV were revealed to the E3 audience this year but we haven’t seen much of them afterwards. Tetsuya Nomura talks about both games in his latest interview to Famitsu.

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HelpfulGamer1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Nomura is probably waiting for Sony to get FFXV running smoothly on PS4. Plus, probably most Japanese developer demanding Sony to make their games run on smoothly PS4 since PS3's cell architecture complexity made Mark Cerny chose x86 architecture to make Japanese programmer & engineers return to Playstation, which most of them had migrated to ARM architecture. Plus it's highly-probable that Sony is the console-level programmer for FFXV, smooth gameplay awaits.

Greatness Awaits! :D

JackVagina1608d ago

@your other comment below as well

Sorry but where are you getting this info? or are you just talking out of your ass? literally every single word.

HelpfulGamer1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

See even Sony helping SquareEnix Translate Drakengard 3 into Chinese!

Sony Tech Support to Developer is nothing new as they have done it for Bayonetta, Demon Souls, Dark Souls, Disgaea 4, Atelier Meruru, Ar tonelico.

Sony could probably be the one making FFXV right now, interpolating with the public data such as Uncharted like game mechanics, Sony's Japan Studio Physics tech, Plus Sony owns 8% of SquareEnix.

Greatness Await!

JackVagina1607d ago

That doesn't actually prove Square and "most Japanese developers demanding Sony to make their games run on smoothly on PS4"

Bowzabub1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Jack? You ok? Check to see if your head is took a pretty nasty head cracking about 30 minutes ago. I think this person may have in fact kicked some sand into your vaginal area. Happy Holidays!!

JackVagina1607d ago

LOOK, all i wanted to know is how this dude knew Nomura was "Waiting for SONY to get FFXV running on a PS4." as well as other Japanese devs and their games.

Or how he knew(this is from his second comment below, that hardly even makes sense.) "SE was neither successful on porting FFXV to PS3 and X360"

also he assumes because the lack of FFXV news their lacking the capabilities to get FFXV running on PS4/XBONE.

Bowzabub1607d ago

Jack..I was clearly instigating. I was just fuggin' with ya bro. But going by how the response came with links that were laid out pretty well it appears this person is very interested in this matter and very passionate about the topic. Nothing in this world is FOR CERTAIN, but I think this person is on to something. Again, I was just messing with you and I apologize. Merry Christmas &/or Happy Holidays.

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EXVirtual1608d ago

Good thing he's planning in advance at letting us know about it.
The question is, when else can they show it aside from E3 2014? Could SE be having a conference or something before then?

colonel1791608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

They can do a conference like they did in January 2011 or they can do a Final Fantasy conference too. However, I think they will show more either at Japanese PS4 launch or after.

The games are for PS4 and Xbox One, and none of the console have launched there yet, so most likely they will show more of the game until after the PS4 launches (since there is no date for XBO yet). Final Fantasy will likely release in Japan first (instead of a worldwide launch) so they need to have the consoles out first.

EDIT: and like other comments below state, they need to release Lighting Returns first.

Rynocirator1607d ago

They could have totally done a conference on the 18th of december, sure it isn't a milestone in final fantasy history, but I think after 26 years they could have a conference every year on the 18th to release news about upcoming final fantasy projects. For those that don't know, the 18th of december is when the first final fantasy released, 26 years ago.

EXVirtual1606d ago

You're right.
When the PS4 releases in Japan. That's when the time is right.
I hope they do an FF conference. I don't want to wait until E3.

-Foxtrot1608d ago

Every DAY is an Opportunity...

KonsoruMasuta1608d ago

They would have a bigger audience and chance to wow more people if they waited for some kind of big event.

TheGrimReaper00111607d ago

sure, but when's the last time we heard ANY news of Final Fantasy 15?
Only at E3 2013 and it was mostly to confirm that the name had changed
They have teased this since when? may 2006?
And we know so little about the game
If they are going to wait and wait and tell us nothing, then we got another "The Last Guardian" on our hands
I give up trying to be excited for The Last Guardian
Final Fantasy 15 is getting there as well
Kingdom Hearts at least has some info every month or so

josephayal1608d ago

My brand new xbox one is waiting, Multi-platform is the way to go. Gamers Win

KillerBanana71608d ago

A port is still a port :) Enjoy your port lol

HelpfulGamer1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

FFXV was develop and is playable on PC. But SquareEnix neither succesful in porting FFXV to X360 nor the PS3.

It is probable that SquareEnix lacking the capabilities to get FFXV running on neither Xbox One nor the PS4. (reflecting on the lack of FFXV news)

Thus it depends on the console maker to port FFXV on their console. Sony is probably very busy porting FFXV source code to be playable on PS4. Similar to what Sony did in getting Bayonetta playable on PS3.

Greatness Awaits! :D

MannGamer1608d ago

@ KillerBanana7 that was a very poor comment. You think a port will be that much less enjoyable than the original one???

@Josephayal while I am for Multi-platform and competition, I feel like the Xbox360 damaged what the FF XIII was going to be like since they add to take contents out so that it matches the Xbox360. I wished FF XV had stayed exclusives so that I can feel I am getting the best possible experience in the game. But Xbox One uses Blue Ray now. I hope they can still deliver what was planned and not having to cut contents again...

JodyCones1608d ago

Are you seriously saying you're going to play it on xbone? You know they get the port right? All ff and kh games are developed on PlayStation because it sells better there and that's where it originated from. All the fans are there. It will be in 1080p on PS4 and marketed for the PS4.

Hicken1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

FF got its start on PlayStation, but it definitely hit it's peak there. KH DID get its start on playstation, but that series has been all over the place. That said, both franchises still call Sony hardware home more often than not.

TheLyonKing1608d ago

@hicken ff got it's start on Nintendo. Just wanting that made clear. I was too young to play ff on Nintendo but was a huge playstation era fan

Hicken1608d ago

I meant that. Phone screwed up and ate words while I was typing. Noticed it was wrong and tried to edit, but edited the wrong words back in, lol.

Yes, it started on Nintendo. I began my FF- and JRPG- career with Mystic Quest, believe it or not, back in like 95 or something.

nunley331607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

It'll also sell and (perform) play a lot better on PS4.

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goldwyncq1608d ago

Please be excited for E3 next year...

EXVirtual1608d ago

What if they have a conference befor E3 next year? They did it in 2011, remember?
Either that, or they take the online route, which would be preferable.
I think they'll start marketing the game more heavily when the PS4 is released in Japan.

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