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What we want from Mass Effect IV

How do you follow an act like the galaxy's most high-stakes game of three-card monte? Apparently by completely starting over. BioWare has long insisted that Mass Effect 3 marked the definitive end of Commander Shepard's story arc, regardless of whether you picked the green pill, the red pill, or the blue pill. (Mass Effect 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

colt-of-tipton  +   514d ago
I know people generally don't like prequels but i think it would be cool if the next game showed the first contact war when humanity first fought the turians.
Danniel1  +   514d ago
As a more action focused shooter? Because the first contact war lasted about 2 days and there isn't alot to work with there

Maybe the Rachni war would be better?
Hellsvacancy  +   514d ago
Real space exploration, not just a point and click galaxy map, I don't want to be human either

I hope Martin Sheen is back aswel, he's a great voice actor, he's one of the reasons I like the ME games so much
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Dirkster_Dude  +   514d ago
The main issue I have with Mass Effect 3 was the ending. No matter what options were given to affect our character I believe the ending threw all that away and nothing mattered, which was the reason why so many people were mad at the ending. If they do plan to keep the game in the Mass Effect universe I don't think any prequels will work because there is too much lore that is already considered canon. It would be difficult for all the cartoons, books, short videos to be honored and it would risk destroying the fabric of the universe that has been created. You can only go forward. In addition if they decide to give you similar choices in the next Mass Effect game they need to avoid giving a choice at the end. The choices you make need to lead to that end, but not a final choice that essentially appears to undo everything. Also, a cameo appearance by Sheppard in recordings if hundreds of years in the future or make her a General or Admiral so your character can be advised going into the next generation. You would do this for continuity. Both Star Wars and Star Trek have been successful with this tactic because it gives you more of the universe to love and how it relates to what you already know. Other than Sheppard's ship every race flew on there own ships and sort of worked together as allies. Only at the Citadel did they really come together. What if they acted more like in Star Trek where every race in theory serves in a Starfleet like organization? Finally, with the current menace out of the way you could have a race from outside the galaxy be the new enemy. They never bothered you before because of the Collectors.
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tigertron  +   514d ago
I want a sequel with Shepard back after the destroy ending which I consider to be canon.
Primal Rex  +   514d ago
An ending thats not rubbish
MrChow666  +   514d ago
not sure if I want more mass effect after that ending....the whole thing lost all consistency
fossilfern  +   514d ago
Proper RPG elements and not a poor Gears clone.
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Summons75  +   513d ago
I agree but looking at ME2 - the incoming DA3....Bioware forgot how to make a good RPG and by their attitude in interviews and post ME3 handling they don't care to remember either.
smooch_357  +   514d ago
I would love a prequel that was focused on Javik and the chaos that ensued during the fall of the protheian empire!
theDivision  +   514d ago
I want to be able to create my own protagonist. From the great many races now available. The multiplayer feature they added was so much fun because I could play as all the races I wanted. I want to pick a race that has unique abilities and craft him (or her) from there. Why wouldn't you allow us to do that now that commander S is dead?
medman  +   514d ago
I want a return to exploration. It would be phenomenal if Bioware gave us a ship and crew and let us loose in uncharted regions of the Milky Way galaxy to encounter new challenges, planets, races, etc. etc. Or, perhaps we discover a wormhole (or generate one) that takes us to the Andromeda galaxy and intergalactic war results. I just want to feel the sense of wonder and awe that the first game brought. I enjoyed all three ME games, and it's my favorite trilogy in gaming, and my favorite series from the last gen, but I would greatly appreciate a return to the fantastic storytelling the first game delivered that the 2nd and 3rd installments could not quite match.
OverPaperSkies  +   513d ago
Liaras boobs.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   513d ago
How about a release on all 3 of the "big 3" consoles at the same time, with all of the DLC and features included even if the graphics differ a little between versions?

Would be nice if the story has no connection to past games, too. That way no one loses the thread of what's going on if they haven't played the past 3 games.
Also, no ambiguous or "your decisions don't really matter" type of endings.
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