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Submitted by thehitman 776d ago | news

Xbox and PlayStation in short supply for Christmas

Trying to get that last-minute Xbox One or PlayStation 4 before Santa visits your chimney? Good luck.

The new video game consoles are in short supply, as Microsoft (MSFT, Fortune 500) and Sony (SNE) can't seem to make the gadgets fast enough to meet consumer demand. Calls to several retailers revealed no or few Xboxes and PS4's in stock. The Microsoft Store in New York had one Xbox One left at 10 a.m. on Christmas Eve. (Industry, Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Wii U, Xbox One)

chikane  +   776d ago
PS4 Yea

Xbone try again or just go here
Exquisik  +   776d ago
I'm actually surprised that most major Video Games online retailers actually still have the XBox One in stock.

Amazon -
Best Buy -
Gamestop -

And even Wally Mart (Walmart but only in bundle) -
mikeslemonade  +   776d ago
Yea XBOX ONE is in short supply when you compare it to the Wii U.
hduce  +   776d ago
To my surprise both consoles were available at my Best Buy on Christmas Eve which was shocking to me. I don't know if they held some in the back especially for the PlayStation 4 but there were about let's say 50 PlayStation 4's and about 150 Xbox One's. They had two separate registers set up one for PS4 and one for Xbox One and they both were readily available. This was in Muncy, Pennsylvania by the way. If there's anybody that wants a system and couldn't get one in time for Christmas I would definitely check Thursday morning at your local Best Buy.
FragMnTagM  +   776d ago
I had around 20 PS4's and 30 XBOX One's in stock when I left Christmas eve.

They were both in stock for the past two weeks. Controllers and headsets were nearly sold out though for both systems.

This is at Wal-Mart in upstate New York where I am the supervisor of the electronics and toy sections of the store.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   776d ago
Xbone for sell
BZNCAPONE  +   776d ago
I saw today at my local walmart around 12 PS4s behind the glass and just as many Xbox Ones. Was shocked to see that many PS4's honestly. Not sure if they are there anymore since it was early in the day and now all stores are closed but I almost bought a second one just to have it.
Hicken  +   776d ago
Thought the fanboyism was too much and you were leaving the site?

One thing you should understand- it's part of why you'll likely get a lot of disagrees- is that, given all the reports of the PS4 being hard to find, all the data from various stores, sites, and sources, it's hard to believe you actually went into a store and a dozen PS4s were available.

I don't work electronics too often, but I know the Target I work at hasn't closed a day with PS4s in stock since the Saturday or Sunday after the system launched. The XB1 has been selling pretty well, too, but- though that likely changed this week- we had at least one in stock for quite some time. Take that how you will.

There's also a GameStop in our plaza. Last time I spoke with anyone there about the new consoles, they were selling out of both pretty quickly, but "for some reason," the PS4 was selling considerably faster. That was a funny conversation, cuz the guy behind the counter- some dude I'd never seen, pretty much had "I Love Xbox" tattooed on his forehead, and swore up and down the XB1 did literally everything better. I dispelled a few myths he probably routinely passed on to customers- like the 300,000 servers which happen to be virtual- and went on about my business.

I digress.

Point is: it seems far more likely that you're lying, simply because so many official or at least quantifiable reports back up anecdotal tales that the PS4 is much harder to find than the XB1. So expect disagrees based on that. You may well be telling the truth, but at this point, it doesn't seem likely.
Heisenburger  +   776d ago
That's a long winded way of calling someone a liar. I disagreed because you're being a Scrooge on Christmas. :P Just be nice. Idk who the other guy is. IDC if you two have some deep seeded sexual tension.

Just have a Merry Christmas bro!!
gpturbo81  +   775d ago
thats no bullshit. there was at least a dozen stacked up in a circle at my local bestbuy. my cousin is an employee at bb and he confirms more than 2 dozen in the store. dont believe the hype.
keabrown79  +   776d ago
My walmart had 3 Xbox Ones and 2 PS4's Indianapolis Indiana
KakashiHotake  +   776d ago
I'm very much pro-Sony and PS4 all the way, but I'm actually glad that both of these consoles had a great launch. It's just nothing but good news for the gaming community, and the industry as a whole needed this. I'm not sure exactly where Xbox One goes from here or how they'll sale after the holidays, but I'm just glad PS4 is dominating.
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MatrixxGT  +   776d ago
Haha guess the disagrees are PC gamers. Or maybe people don't want both to sell well and see gaming growing at a fast rate despite shitty global economy and mobile competition. Smh.
KakashiHotake  +   776d ago
Haters will be haters. As much as they stink up the place their role is also necessary. Without haters we have no one to prove wrong.
doctorstrange  +   776d ago
No shit
JasonKCK  +   776d ago
No they're not. Enough with the propaganda.
StrykerDragoon  +   776d ago
lies. there's an overstock of X1s at Toys R Us.
ELpork  +   776d ago
... Why dose no one wait a year? The price will more then likely drop, the launch games will be cheaper, and you'll have a better idea of which system you want...

BZNCAPONE  +   776d ago
why wait a year the prices are not even that high as it is. both consoles will cost you around 1,000 with tax.

I spent double that just on my 2 titans for my gaming PC. What I find crazy is that people complain about the prices as it is now. 400 for a console that will give you 6-10 years of amazing game play is nothing.

If people would be willing to fork out more money and IMO stop being so cheap maybe these consoles could actually have some very sweet hardware in them but no everyone wants CHEAP CHEAP then they have to pretty much cheap out on hardware that is already outdated by todays standards
ELpork  +   776d ago
....Riiiigghtt... and the potential flaws of the systems? RROD, the PS4's sticks (Also the fun UI Updates)... Not saying these are on the same level obviously, but don't you wana wait till the kinks are worked out before you burn 500-600 on a system where you have a sum total of 2-3 games you might actually wana play?

MORE so if you have a PC... I mean if you got a solid tower, you could wait till the first console exclusive games come out that are must owns. Destiny for example.
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guitarded77  +   776d ago
Umm... if everyone waited a year, manufacturers would go out of business. Late adopters need early adopters. Early adopters determine how much 3rd party support there will be. Look at the Wii U... when it was announced, they had EA, Ubi, SEGA, Activision all vowing supporting it. Now look at it, Wii U struggles in 3rd party support because of the low adoption rate. Sure, it's nice to get a console cheaper, and with more games available, but some have different budgets, and can afford to get in early.
Dannycr  +   776d ago
I have a very good idea now that I want a PS4. I want to get it early so I can play the games I want as soon as they are out so my "pending to play" pile of games does not get bigger.

I currently have lots of PS3 games to play, a bunch of WiiU games to play. Also, it seems, better versions of games I haven't played yet are on PS4, so I better get the best version (AC4 and Tomb Raider)
Hicken  +   776d ago
Yes, all the manufacturers should make consoles, and NOBODY should buy them for a year.

That way, all the bugs that the manufacturers won't know about will be magically fixed.

And they won't have lost ANY money from merchandise sitting on the shelves, not selling.

Developers who spent millions on launch titles will nonetheless have funds for another game, since they'll definitely recoup expenses when the same number of people buy their game at 1/4 the price.

You're a freaking genius, ELpork! Why did nobody think of this before?
Kane22  +   776d ago
ELpork  +   776d ago
Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying, nobody buy anything and let the industry die.

... Back to my original point, if you DON'T live or die by video games, why not wait a year?... The ONLY point I'm trying to make here.

It makes sense for me, I can play the new "Next gen" games on my PC, I've got my PS3 for Persona and KH2.5... Why buy a PS4 this year or even next year? Makes no logical sense to me.
MasterCornholio  +   776d ago
You have no idea how this business works right?

3rd party developers need early adopters just like 1st party and the manufacturers do.
SITH  +   776d ago
How dare Microsoft provide ample supply of Xbox ones to actually meet or exceed demand. Show me what each store is receiving weekly, then I will act impressed.
MsmackyM  +   776d ago
Apparently meeting or exceeding demand isn't hard to do when the console isn't in demand. Sure you're going to have a few million fanboys buying one early on, but even that seems to be drying up soon. Microsoft bet an extra hundred dollars on the Kinect and lost. Once all of the launch hype holiday dust starts to settle, Microsoft will start scrambling for damage control on their lackluster sales.
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SITH  +   776d ago
You do realize they can account for each Xbox one sold by viewing it on Xbox live, then provide accurate numbers. No matter what is sold, you I and everyone else don't get shit. But keep fist pumping why you hand over your money.
EasilyTheBest  +   776d ago
Exactly Sith.
Its hilarious coming here and listening to the same ppl saying PS4 is nowhere to be seen in shops but there's plenty of X1s.
It don't mean a thing.
#9.2 (Edited 776d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
MsmackyM  +   775d ago
@Sith Microsoft is well aware of how poorly the Xbox One is doing. If Microsoft was doing well you could best believe they would shout it to the heavens, but in reality without a 100.00 price drop they're DOA.
mhunterjr  +   776d ago
During my Xmas even shopping I saw plenty of ps4s and xb1s at various retailers... I think we're passed the 'demand outstripping supply' stage. At least here in the US.

I love how people keep claiming the xb1 isn't in demand. The demand isn't as high as the ps4 (which is historically high) but it IS in high demand.

If your meauring stick says any thing below ps4 levels must not be desirable, then your dealing with unreasonable expectations.
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MatrixxGT  +   776d ago
I hope they both do well but the excuses MS fans make up is hilarious.

Ps4 demand is so high that its being backed up to how many sony can manufacture.
XB1 demand relatively flat line, the hardcore fans are buying them at a steady pace. Its easier to keep up stock when your console isn't selling 12k units in 27 minutes.
mhunterjr  +   776d ago
What excuses are being made on behalf of ms?... no one is arguing that it's selling as well has the ps4. No console in history has sold that well... but that didn't mean that xbox one isn't selling well...

It's like saying an Olympic sprinter is slow because he lost to Usain Bolt.
#11.1 (Edited 776d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
byeGollum  +   776d ago
They're both still in stock. Neither is hard to find... so let's not delude ourselves.
Sgt_Slaughter  +   776d ago
I just ordered my PS4 off of Best Buy's website... shocked they had a good supply still there.

Proud to get my Wii U some next-gen company!

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