Xbox and PlayStation in short supply for Christmas

Trying to get that last-minute Xbox One or PlayStation 4 before Santa visits your chimney? Good luck.

The new video game consoles are in short supply, as Microsoft (MSFT, Fortune 500) and Sony (SNE) can't seem to make the gadgets fast enough to meet consumer demand. Calls to several retailers revealed no or few Xboxes and PS4's in stock. The Microsoft Store in New York had one Xbox One left at 10 a.m. on Christmas Eve.

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chikane1637d ago

PS4 Yea

Xbone try again or just go here

Exquisik1637d ago

I'm actually surprised that most major Video Games online retailers actually still have the XBox One in stock.

Amazon -
Best Buy -
Gamestop -

And even Wally Mart (Walmart but only in bundle) -

mikeslemonade1636d ago

Yea XBOX ONE is in short supply when you compare it to the Wii U.

hduce1636d ago

To my surprise both consoles were available at my Best Buy on Christmas Eve which was shocking to me. I don't know if they held some in the back especially for the PlayStation 4 but there were about let's say 50 PlayStation 4's and about 150 Xbox One's. They had two separate registers set up one for PS4 and one for Xbox One and they both were readily available. This was in Muncy, Pennsylvania by the way. If there's anybody that wants a system and couldn't get one in time for Christmas I would definitely check Thursday morning at your local Best Buy.

FragMnTagM1636d ago

I had around 20 PS4's and 30 XBOX One's in stock when I left Christmas eve.

They were both in stock for the past two weeks. Controllers and headsets were nearly sold out though for both systems.

This is at Wal-Mart in upstate New York where I am the supervisor of the electronics and toy sections of the store.

BZNCAPONE1637d ago

I saw today at my local walmart around 12 PS4s behind the glass and just as many Xbox Ones. Was shocked to see that many PS4's honestly. Not sure if they are there anymore since it was early in the day and now all stores are closed but I almost bought a second one just to have it.

Hicken1637d ago

Thought the fanboyism was too much and you were leaving the site?

One thing you should understand- it's part of why you'll likely get a lot of disagrees- is that, given all the reports of the PS4 being hard to find, all the data from various stores, sites, and sources, it's hard to believe you actually went into a store and a dozen PS4s were available.

I don't work electronics too often, but I know the Target I work at hasn't closed a day with PS4s in stock since the Saturday or Sunday after the system launched. The XB1 has been selling pretty well, too, but- though that likely changed this week- we had at least one in stock for quite some time. Take that how you will.

There's also a GameStop in our plaza. Last time I spoke with anyone there about the new consoles, they were selling out of both pretty quickly, but "for some reason," the PS4 was selling considerably faster. That was a funny conversation, cuz the guy behind the counter- some dude I'd never seen, pretty much had "I Love Xbox" tattooed on his forehead, and swore up and down the XB1 did literally everything better. I dispelled a few myths he probably routinely passed on to customers- like the 300,000 servers which happen to be virtual- and went on about my business.

I digress.

Point is: it seems far more likely that you're lying, simply because so many official or at least quantifiable reports back up anecdotal tales that the PS4 is much harder to find than the XB1. So expect disagrees based on that. You may well be telling the truth, but at this point, it doesn't seem likely.

Heisenburger1636d ago

That's a long winded way of calling someone a liar. I disagreed because you're being a Scrooge on Christmas. :P Just be nice. Idk who the other guy is. IDC if you two have some deep seeded sexual tension.

Just have a Merry Christmas bro!!

gpturbo811636d ago

thats no bullshit. there was at least a dozen stacked up in a circle at my local bestbuy. my cousin is an employee at bb and he confirms more than 2 dozen in the store. dont believe the hype.

keabrown791637d ago

My walmart had 3 Xbox Ones and 2 PS4's Indianapolis Indiana

KakashiHotake1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I'm very much pro-Sony and PS4 all the way, but I'm actually glad that both of these consoles had a great launch. It's just nothing but good news for the gaming community, and the industry as a whole needed this. I'm not sure exactly where Xbox One goes from here or how they'll sale after the holidays, but I'm just glad PS4 is dominating.

MatrixxGT1636d ago

Haha guess the disagrees are PC gamers. Or maybe people don't want both to sell well and see gaming growing at a fast rate despite shitty global economy and mobile competition. Smh.

KakashiHotake1636d ago

Haters will be haters. As much as they stink up the place their role is also necessary. Without haters we have no one to prove wrong.

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