Xbox One DIY Immersive Lighting Concept Blends Hue With Illumiroom

Microsoft's Illumiroom immersive lighting system didn't arrive alongside the Xbox One, but that hasn't stopped impressive DIY efforts integrating the console with Philips' remote control hue bulbs.

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twdll1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Yea... Illumiroom could be really great. This really looks like a good use of the Phillips remote LEDs... Cool idea.

FamilyGuy1219d ago

This is LAME, the actual illumiroom stuff is 1000x better. Another terrible knock off.

twdll1219d ago

This I could be used in conjunction with illumiroom. Together. That would be cool.

KakashiHotake1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

I remember before Xbox One was announced this was something I was very excited about. But after all the DRM policies, the 180's and the bottom line, I could care less. I never really been an Xbox fan at all but Microsoft really let me down, compromising their console integrity in favor of the damn Kinect. At 1st when they bundled the Kinect i thought it was for enhancing gameplay with new experiences like Illumiroom. Who would have ever thought it was all to collect your data.

hellvaguy1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

All your data is already being collected on your phone and pc at a much higher rate. U gunna whine about that too or is this just a stealth fanboy rant?

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1219d ago

idk i don't think id have my lights on when I'm playing

FullmetalAlchemist1219d ago

Looks like a fun thing to try out every once in a while. But I could see other house guests getting rather annoyed by all the flickering of lights. But still a very cool concept for those looking to livin up their gaming experience.

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