Ari’s Top Ten Games of the Generation

Ari narrowed down a list of nearly 50 contenders to finally settle upon his Top Ten Games of the Generation.

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il-JumperMT1392d ago

Starcraft 1 >> Starcraft 2. Total War series is better RTS game.

World of Warcraft is last generation.

GTA5 is medicore game. Even Saint Rows 4 which is not a seroius game is better.

No mention of The Last of Us, Ni No Kuni or MGS4 = epic fail list.

Spurg1392d ago

He mentioned TLOU in honorable it his opinion.

3-4-51392d ago

GTA5 should NOT be on there. I loved playing it for like 3-4 days but then I soon realized how generic and lame it really was.

DasTier1391d ago

You goddamn hipsters will hate on anything successful.

N2NOther1391d ago

GTA V shouldn't be on his list? Even though it's his list based on his opinion and tastes? Ok.


Thoth20201391d ago

World of Warcraft is on a few people's lists, but I struggled with the same question. It came out in 2004, but I feel like it has been more relevant to THIS generation. So you'll see it on my list too.

kythlyn1392d ago

Thanks. :) Check out the rest of the team's lists throughout the week. Lots of diversity.

guyman1392d ago

A list like this Is just opinionated, it holds no ground

frostypants1392d ago

Especially when they grasp at straws to include World of Warcraft on the list. That is weak.

frostypants1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

GTA V? Really? I mean.......................... ...REALLY?!

This is where I walk away grumbling and SMH...

imXify1392d ago

Rock Band 3 ?
Nope. Guitar Hero 3 in 2007 was THE BOMB.

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