Search for Common Ground: a Lebanese Studio That Dreams Big

The gaming industry in the Middle East is still in its infancy. Game developers in the Arab world would often dream of having a full-fledged game studio capable of handling their dream projects. So it’s no secret that they often struggle to find a means to create games while keeping a balanced life style. Those that do are up against odds such as finding talent, tools, and more importantly, funding. Yes, making games can be quite the expensive venture. Thankfully the internet is becoming more open to new methods of acquiring the necessary funding. Portals such Kickstarter has certainly aided those in making their dreams come true, more or less. This unfortunately can also be a double edged sword as more and more games are getting flooded in the market. I was lucky enough to stumble upon Cedaria: Blackout which I believe is the most ambitious game being made in the Middle East that is both original and complicated.

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But can they make there dreams come true?