A demo the best thing for Resistance 2?

TVGB: "..less and less big titles seem to be using demos these days due to developers wanting to keep gameplay and story details tightly under wraps. Insomniac has already made big promises on the opening of Resistance 2 after fans complained the first game's introduction was quite mundane by comparison to other games."

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sonarus3609d ago

They could do a demo for 8 player coop since that isn't very story based.

Cwalat3609d ago

yeah... but i still wanna see those 100000000 feet tall Ships :P

WildArmed3609d ago

I dont wanna ruin any of the fun of the single campaign.
Either a 8 player coop stage*stated above by sonarus* or just plain multiplayer (gives me the just of the graphics and weapons.. etc etc)=D

Ace Ventura3609d ago

On their podcast they've said what they are showing still isn't the finished product and the engine will be running faster and taster up until release. But they said sa of now its still already running really, really well.

Bathyj3609d ago

Screw that, everythings bloody multiplayer now. Give me the first level of single player. Thats wont give away much and will just leave me wanting more.

ikkokucrisis3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

Are you serious?!
Um.....YES demo! either that or a beta, take your pick!

ruibing3609d ago

I agre, it just sounds like someone has a bone to pick with Resistance 2. If there's no demo/beta, they would be complaining. Besides, there isn't going to be any public gameplay videos until June 13th, I remember that from the teaser trailer.

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The story is too old to be commented.