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The First Xbox One Laptop Mod Has Already Been Made And Sold

Neowin writes: "We have seen folks create an Xbox 360 laptop mod in the past, but now one person has charged ahead and made a 22 inch laptop from the hardware pieces of Microsoft's Xbox One console. It comes from the hands and tools of experienced modder James “DarkUncle” Terry." (Tech, Xbox One)

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jackanderson1985  +   363d ago
that is impressive, wonder how much he sold it for
djdavidvaux  +   362d ago
Considering his 360 conversions are like 1300, I'd assume this one would be 1600-2000.
iamnsuperman  +   362d ago
It's cool but really silly because, by the sound of it and what we know about how the one was designed, it was made big so it wouldn't get hot. I feel it might melt in that case. Still cool though
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hazardman  +   362d ago
SMH....your comment would have been so much more different had it been a PS4 laptop mod.
iamnsuperman  +   362d ago
Or have you thought about no i wouldn't (as I am criticising the designers design choice not the console).

The thing will cook in such a small case. Why bring up the PS4. I suspect the PS4 would cook as well (because the profile is so thin) but the PS4 is fairly small anyway. The Xbox was designed to be large for maximum air flow to keep it cool. Putting the thing in a small case will not keep it cool (which is why the fans sounds like it is going to take off in this video)
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Oh_Yeah  +   362d ago
I have a high end PC in a case that's about the size of an xbox one, no heat issues at all. It's all about placement of vents, materials used, and the components themselves more so than it is the space.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   362d ago
Nice mod, a change of pace
Duke19  +   362d ago
Very impressive, wonder why the kinect was left untouched tho
BattleTorn  +   362d ago
I thought this was really neat!

I went and checked out his PS3/X360 units, and they're not bad. (though they clear get better the more he does)

I can imagine that this would be ideal for military overseas - they really are gaming-all-in-one-box.

I also really like how he's incorporated more and more of the stock buttons and ascetics.
SIRHC13  +   362d ago
More appealing than the actual console's design
cesuf  +   362d ago
For $2,000 one would sure hope so. But obviously cooling is gunna take a hit.
Kane22  +   362d ago
as cool as this is. i would be too concerned over heating issues.
cesuf  +   362d ago
Maybe, maybe not when you think its still a lot bigger and thicker than laptops are.
Demoa  +   362d ago
thats pretty awesome
kewlkat007  +   362d ago
That's some bull..how do they do that yo...

parentsbasement  +   362d ago
dang, he got skills, would have been nice if he could have somehow built the Kinect into the top of the monitor though....
bromtown  +   362d ago
Cool but massive. Something like a 17" screen would be more portable but I don't know if that'd be possible due to the console size. Still, very impressive.
Android  +   362d ago
Although practicality was behind this design philosophy I can't help but cringe looking at this thrown together piece of aesthetics.
generalthadeape  +   362d ago

That Kinect looks strange along side that thing.

I admit that I'd rather he would have done a PS4 mod because the hardware would have been superior, it wouldn't have the clunky Kinect sitting next to it looking like a second power brick, and it would actually be capable of doing 1080p.

But then again, that would've been MY preference.
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strigoi814  +   362d ago
why not buy a carrier case with a screen, coz he just only make the thing with a screen technically..all the main components were present there specially the power brick..and he voided the warranty doing this so it cost more..closing this thing after use will not gonna be good to the screen also
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