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Submitted by MariaHelFutura 775d ago | news

PS4 Sales Accelerate Towards Christmas, Beating The Xbox One By Almost 2-to-1

It has now been six weeks since Sony’s PS4 exploded onto the scene, kicking off the eighth generation of game consoles, and just over a month since Microsoft’s plucky Xbox One joined the fray. It’s now high time to take a look at which console is faring better. (Industry, PS4, Xbox One)

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Bigpappy  +   775d ago
Why not just add "on Ebay". I know a lot of you would say it is not just Ebay it is everywhere, I get the fan mentality behind that. But this is based solely on Ebay.

It makes perfect since to me, that if there are shortages of PS4 and Xbox is in constant supply, that people will go on ebay and pay more for PS4 than the shelf price. There is no good reason to buy X1 on ebay when you could almost always get one on amazon.
B1663r   775d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(14)
Godmars290  +   775d ago | Well said
"Why not just add "on Ebay"."

Which makes me wonder how many times you've come charging into a "XB1 outsells PS4" article ignoring the qualifier that its just Walmart or Target.
Biggest  +   775d ago
How many times? All of them.
GameNameFame  +   774d ago
Funny how you purely defend Xbox One.

I've seen you compare sales on a store that has PS4 sold out for a week and Xbox one in constant supply.

Never mentioning the fact that PS4 was sold out while comparing sales.

All I see you do is desperately trying to defend. whether it comes to graphical gap and what not.
HelpfulGamer  +   774d ago
PS4 is probably beating Xbox One 4-to-1 !!!
Giul_Xainx  +   770d ago
Seriously looking at the number of chips that AMD put out for both units.... the PS4 chips are leading by about 3 to 1. For every Xbox one shipped, about 3 for the PS4 were sent out.

Also the attachment rates of video games bought per console are higher on the PS4 which means more "gamers" are buying the PS4 with attachment rates of 3.7 games purchased with the PS4 versus the Xbox one with its attachment rate at just barely 2.3.

Can't pull up the link for these details. I know it is digital and physical copies of games sold for both attachment rates.
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Clunkyd  +   775d ago
Look at all these Xbox Ones in my Bestbuy the day before Christmas Eve!

BTW. No ps4's were in stock
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2paclives  +   775d ago
Xbones were at every store I went to today. Not exactly flying off the shelf.
rainslacker  +   775d ago
I actually saw a single PS4 in stock at Target yesterday. Hiding in the back of the cabinet apparently. Wasn't really looking for it, just noticed it as I walked towards it on the isle.

The next cabinet had 3-4 X1's in it. Wasn't looking for that either, just thought I'd glance since it's a topic on here at times. :) Then they had a display behind the counter with about 10. Pretty easy to see those since I was checking out at the counter.

GameStop had some X1's in stock, but didn't ask how many, just saw three behind the counter. Did hear them telling the guy in front of me they didn't have any PS4's though.

Walmart also had a display in the isle with a bunch of X1's on it when I went yesterday. Was funny watching some kid drive a cart into it at full running speed. Then kind of sad, because the parent didn't punish the kid at all. Just took the cart and walked away.

MS either has an amazing supply chain, or it's just not that much in demand. I'm personally putting my money on the former, since there were talks about MS not being able to manufacture as many as Sony could, and possibly starting manufacturing later than Sony did.
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Charybdis  +   774d ago
Xb1 is available in 13 countries Sony in 32 don't think this fully explains the abundance of xb1 available. Guess sony will have a good christmas.
Deadpoolio  +   774d ago
Yep that's how my best buy looked yesterday also...I know the managers at the gamestop near me and they have about 30 of them and have sold 1 in the last 2 weeks, but get the do you have PS4 question constantly
TheXgamerLive  +   775d ago
Wow, ok heres why you will see some Xbox One units on shelves... ready....bc MS is making units and shipping them to stores. Remember sony is in double the markets and is spread pretty thin. No units being shipped so yes no ps4 on shelves in the US.
Sales #s dont lie.
insomnium2  +   774d ago
What numbers? Please give us a link.

I think PS4 is being manufactured at a faster pace and have been in production longer than X1 and STILL is out of stock everywhere. Wait for the financial statements and see.
Pain  +   775d ago
At my Walmart my job I work at we just sold out on this weeks XboxOne (never got any ps4's this week) shipment the past 2 PS4 shipments sold out in less then the day. In fact last Friday we sold 38 PS4's in 5 hours the X1 took all week to sell 40.

just saying.
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Chevalier  +   774d ago
My bestbuy near my work got 40 PS4's and they disappeared in half an hour.
PiperMCFierceson   775d ago | Spam
showtimefolks  +   774d ago
i know i haven't seen any ps4's anywhere in stores, while just visiting different stores it seems each had plenty of xbox one's in stock. I think that $100 price difference was something MS thought it could beat by advertisement

but word to mouth advertisement is all with sony along with most stores advising their consumers to buy a ps4, because its more powerful than xbox one but the biggest thing is that $100

if MS had offered a xbox one without kinect for $399 than it would have been very interesting. I still believe ps4 would have sold more but i don't think the gap would be as much
2muchw1nn1ng  +   774d ago
*Reads b1663r's comment*

"this guy can't be seri..."

*clicks on his activity*

*sees PS4 bashing, Xbox worshipping comments*

BallsEye  +   774d ago
Because people on n4g jerk to any news about ps4 sales. I still see plenty of ps4 in stores in my place. XO resupplies are every 2 weeks and everything gone always on the same day it's available.
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Ezz2013  +   774d ago
you keep telling your self that
i'm sure you will find someone who believe you
Hitman0769  +   774d ago
big fappy keep fappin lil bruh. maybe eventually ur fantasy will become reality.
TAURUS-555  +   774d ago
RIP so glad i chose the winning console ¡¡¡¡
TBONEJF  +   774d ago
Y not buy a 400$ xb1 pic like that poor guy did. Plus eBay don't count as a sale poor Lil man. PS4 had a two week head start not to mention a 100$ cheaper
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jackanderson1985  +   775d ago
that is a very misleading title... he's speaking just about the ebay sales.... not saying that it's neck and neck (i'm 100% sure the PS4 ahead) but doubt it's 2 to 1
GrizzliS1987  +   775d ago
1.5 to 1
Ju  +   775d ago
It sure is 2:1 or more in Europe (and everywhere else), and probably 1.5:1 in the US - and the main reason why it's not 2:1 there is because both run into production/distribution capacity limits which favors the XBo.

PS4 is just the better box. Get over it. It is faster...not only in pure benchmarks. The UI is leaner, quicker to navigate, less convoluted and it's just the better over all gaming console. Sony nailed it in this generation. MS tried to make a game console into something it isn't meant to be. Simple. And has a price advantage.
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n4rc  +   775d ago
No at this point it's almost all benchmarks.. and a resolution difference that nobody seems to notice anymore..

And ui is a preference... Xbox is 2 button presses for every single feature.. at most.. most is right on the dash or a voice command away.

Everyo e cried it was 6:1 now are struggling to make a case for 2:1..
thereapersson  +   775d ago
The denial is strong with this one...
FITgamer  +   775d ago
@Narc When in the hell did anyone say the PS4 was outselling the Xbox One 6:1? You are just being ridiculous now.
scott182  +   775d ago
Sony could sell out of 5 million consoles in a week if they had them in stock. Look how fast these things sell!
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Ju  +   775d ago
n4rc, you've never worked a PS4, have you?

Nothing works with one button press on the XBO. You need to "snap" your games if you want to have access to them on the "front page" - and than this page isn't active by default - otherwise it only has a history of two. The games are hidden in a "sub" group. Switching between games is seamless, and yet if you do so it will kick you out from your current game without question, not even give you a warning or let you save your current progress. The UI is sluggish at best, slower than PS4s. The "marketplace" get's more front page space than the games. It's convoluted with tiles for no reason. It's a desktop interface forced into a console environment. Typically MS. Snap is a gimmick and quite useless (for me). Even if it allows you doing thing in parallel, why would you want to do those in 10% screen real estate? Kinect is there to actually there to fix the "access issues". A short cut, so to speak, otherwise you can't find anything in the mess of an UI.
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rainslacker  +   775d ago
I think all these predictions and assumptions are pointless. It's fun to discuss supply vs. demand and all that, but until the companies themselves release actual numbers that aren't spun in some way, all they will be are predictions and assumptions.
Funantic1  +   775d ago
Yeah how can something "almost" outsell something else 2 to 1. It's either 2 or 1.something. More people will always buy the cheapest. The Xbox One is hanging in there at a higher price. That's amazing.
Hicken  +   775d ago
... well, it could be 1.9:1. That's ALMOST 2:1.
adorie  +   775d ago
dat denial
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jackanderson1985  +   775d ago
If you are replying to me then not sure how it's denial. Both consoles official numbers have them past 2 million. At best Sony are at 3.5 million not through demand but through supply.

In regards the article it's entirely about eBay if you bothered to read it
showtimefolks  +   774d ago
2-1 isn't so far fetched when ps4 sells out within hours each time its available to xbox one which most stores have sitting on their shelf
BallsEye  +   774d ago
lol disagrees ....n4g!! so sad
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urwifeminder  +   775d ago
Yeah more popular than food right now so hot.Lol I was being sarcastic
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Sm00thNinja  +   775d ago
One is $400 the other is $500. I'm surprised Microsoft is keeping it close but maybe they believe they can pull off what the PS3 did retailing at $600? Why the disagrees? It's not an opinion I don't know what Microsoft was thinking by retailing at $500? Gotta make some sense of it and I LOVE MY Xbox ONE as much as my PS4! Both fantastic pieces of hardware
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MsmackyM  +   775d ago
l really doubt it's as close as you may think and I have a strong suspicion the Xbox One sales are going to take an enormous nosedive after the holiday launch season. No one outside of hardcore fanboys and enthusiast are going to be willing to shell out 500.00 for a subpar system. Unless Microsoft is willing to take a loss and sell the console for 400.00, your average consumer won't be interested.
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first1NFANTRY  +   775d ago
Your comment makes no sense. The ps3 was substantially more expensive than the 360 and still managed to sell better year on year. It even surpassed it at the end of last gen. Face it, the PS brand is more popular worldwide for a reason.
Sm00thNinja  +   775d ago
You didn't read my comment then I said Microsoft was hoping to emulate the Ps3's success at a higher pricepoint face palm yourself
rainslacker  +   775d ago
The PS4 and 360 were two different systems, that offered two different experiences on launch. From a game play perspective, they were roughly equal for the most part.

However, for Sony's part, their $500-600 price tag offered pretty good value given the hardware included in it, particularly with it's Blu-Ray player, and all the extra features you had to pay extra for on the 360 to get, if they were even available. To get an equivalent machine on the 360 to match the feature already included in the PS3, it would have actually cost you more. Although in some ways MS route was more a-la-carte.

This time around, the media features that MS is offering aren't really that exciting overall. It's stuff that's been done for a while now. With the exception of TV integration, and I guess voice commands, all the features that the X1 offers are available on current gen machines, or many similar lower priced devices.

What I feel is that MS saw how well Sony has done with their media inclusion in the past. CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and decided to take the next mainstream step. In this case that is streaming and DVR(which is a hugely competitive market. However, those technologies aren't in their infancy and just beginning to be adopted. They are widespread, and available on multiple devices that most people already own.

When you throw in the fact that the X1's game playing capabilities aren't on the same level as the PS4 graphics/computation wise, which is not the same as the PS3/360 scenario, it makes the higher price tag much less palpable to the end customer.

I said before the reveals that streaming was going to be the next thing that Sony was going to push the way they did those previous technologies, however, this time around they just included it, and since they've been doing it a while, they decided to push something different. In this case, the social media aspect of the system. It may be a smart move, as social media is so pervasive today, and it seems that many believe they have to be connected at all times. Which is ironic, since the connectivity is one of the things that MS got flack about, although that was more the lack of choice.

I think the price of the X1 isn't because they were hoping to pull off a "Sony" as you say. I believe it is because the hardware in the box just costs them more to make. The Kinect, and the fact that MS does not have it's own manufacturing/supply facilities, just means it costs them more to make. I'm 100% sure that MS would have loved to be able to price the machine cheaper, but investors want to see a profit.
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GT67  +   774d ago
from :smoothninja

"maybe they can pull off what Sony did with ps3 at 600.00"

lol, nope that's not going to remotely happen.

MS still new kid on the block, they cant do what Nintendy and Sony able to do they establish solid foundation with RELIABLE hardware MS??? not so much. first xbox abandonment 2nd try RROD fiasco 3rd try 100.00 to much with features no one want that cant do with remote control in homes already. how is MS establishing loyal fans is beyond me.
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khyu7777  +   775d ago
Good job SONY!!! Proud to be on a winners side
whoyouwit04  +   775d ago
and what are you getting for that? It seems sony fans are desperately trying to make the PS4 look like it is doing so much better then xboxone when it's not. When the numbers are released it will be another close month. The PS4 will be ahead slightly, and sony fans will jump all over it like it isn't the cheapest console with all the hype and not being torn apart by fan boys of the other console with negative and false reports.
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MRMagoo123  +   775d ago
ahead without stock.....think about that for a bit, the PS4 is selling better than the xbone yet they are always out of stock but the xbone is pretty much always in stock. I dont want to point out the problem here for you but i will, the PS4 is selling better than the xbone EVEN when the ps4 cant be found anywhere at the same time the xbone can be found in pretty much every shop you walk in to that sells consoles.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   775d ago
Sony sales are to 2 to 1 everywhere basically impossible to find one in my state . I like being a winner and for the losers to step their games. Best hopes for Steambox, PS4, XB1 in a couple of year.
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Pogmathoin  +   775d ago
Long live the hate campaign.....
ssj4wolf   775d ago | Off topic | show
ssj4wolf  +   775d ago
how is anyone denying this!? We all know the ps4 is doing better it has been since launch breaking records everywhere it goes.
n4rc  +   775d ago
Since last report figures were 2m for both.. care to back that statement up?

Breaking one day records is pretty pointless if you sacrifice the next 90 days to do so

How much are sony fans enjoying not being able to buy one?
#9.1 (Edited 775d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(26) | Report | Reply
scott182  +   775d ago
To be honest it wasn't 2 mil for both, Sony was at over 2.1 mil a week before microsofts updated numbers at an even 2 mil, and that wasn't as much as Sony's week older numbers. Sony's only problem right now is they can't produce enough to meet demand. It would be absolutely insane to see the numbers if Sony could actually keep these things in stock.
ssj4wolf  +   775d ago Amazon one of the biggest if not the biggest shopping site on the internet lol you seem a little upset like I said something that really got to you http://denver.mylittlefacew...
2v1  +   774d ago
all i see is the xbox fan having a hard time dealing with it
DerekFlint007   775d ago | Trolling | show
bloodybutcher   775d ago | Bad language | show
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KakashiHotake   775d ago | Immature | show
CuddlyREDRUM  +   775d ago
I'm not sure how one corporation doing better than another helps any gamer. How is this going to let me enjoy playing Rivals on PS4 more?
KonsoruMasuta  +   775d ago
It does kind of help gamers in a way. 3rd party developers are going to go where the gamers are. If you happen to own a console that is doing better at the moment, you can expect more support and games for it.
Hicken  +   775d ago
The gaming greatness brought about by the domination of the ps1 and ps2 says hello.

Quite frankly, these recent years of close competition haven't resulted in nearly the quality, generally speaking.
jessupj  +   775d ago
Well considering MS was hell bent on completely ruining my beloved hobby, I'd say a certain corporation doing better than the other will benefit gamers immensely, now and in the future.

I honestly and genuinely very interested for someone to try to explain to me how MS having any kind of influence on the games industry is good for gamers. I'd love to hear that thought process and reasoning.

And before anyone says competition is good, I say it isn't when one of the participants cheats and exploits at every opportunity they can get away with.
cyhm3112  +   775d ago
I think a lot of people will be very surprised if they think the sales would be 2:1, the gap will be far worst than that for Xbone, for US it is probably 4:1, europe 8:1, worldwide 6:1
strickers  +   775d ago
I'm ready to wait until end of financials now. Both are selling. PS4 probably doing better but not too far ahead. All a win for gamers. 2 consoles proving mobile naysayers wrong , with the one I like more doing a bit better. We all win. Merry Christmas
Flames76  +   775d ago
Haha these fanboy articles are so funny.They really need to look at the NPD numbers since Xbox One launched in america its been outselling the PS4 2 to 1 thats a fact.Wow freakin ebay your dumbass is really counting ebay?
MannGamer  +   775d ago
Lol, thanks for the laugh
NPD numbers says that the PS4 is the top selling console in the US in the month of november.
Nice spin of the story. Reminds me of Major Nelson
2v1  +   774d ago
lol flames this is what you do to sleep at night?
GamersHeaven  +   775d ago
Congrats Sony Playstation brand has always been superior.
MasterCornholio  +   775d ago
Wow a lo of people are hurt by sonys success with their console. Just enjoy your system and stop worrying about Sony monopolizing the market.
TristanPR77  +   775d ago
Amazing how some people still denies the dominance of the PS4. They would rather invent and believe a lie than face the truth.

SynestheticRoar  +   775d ago
I think it maybe like 4-1, but don't tell anybody.
So much wasted college money on here. The laws of Demand and Supply don't exist here. Holy crap people!!! Since when did it become a crime to have a pretty decent supply? Apparently if there's too much of a product on the shelves it must be doing bad. I worked into a shop today and I saw 10 iphones on the shelf, definitely doing bad. The Samsung smartphones? Also doing bad. Beats by Dre in the 100s..definitely doing bad.

Economics should become compulsory for everyone.
saint_seya  +   775d ago
You should make your own product, as long as you can produce millons it will be ok according to your logic, it doesnt matter if it doesnt sell, as long as u can produce millons you are doing well (?)
How did you arrive at that being my logic? I did not say that producing millions guarantees or implies that said product will sell well(you forgot to add well cos it will definitely sell at the very least one unit). I said having a good supply line is not a crime. I then went on to give examples of products that have good supply lines and how one can not say they are doing bad which is what some comments on here gave as the reason for Xbox Ones being on shelves in retail stores.
So before you reply me, try to read and understand and don't throw around the word logic like you own it.
modesign  +   775d ago
haha apple, sony, micro, beats by dr dre. actually do care, if their products sit on shelves that means they have to produce less of that product since the retailer cant sell those mentioned products.
Fez  +   774d ago
Those products have been out for many months though... and no doubt they were hard to get hold of when they first released.

It's almost impossible to manufacture enough of a new tech product to meet demand in the first few months. Maybe MS have done a better job at investing in that first batch of manufacturing or maybe they've both produced similar numbers but demand isn't as high for Xbox One. We won't really know until official numbers have been released.
#22.3 (Edited 774d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
sAVAge_bEaST  +   775d ago
I don't recall seeing such apologetic statements, by those refusing to face facts.

May the best system dominate., and give us ample games.
Ashby_JC  +   775d ago
Just read the article and he gave no facts behind his title stating a 2 to 1 margin... here are some lines from the article that stood out to me ......

"If I were to make an educated guess, though, I strongly doubt that Microsoft has a stronger/better supply chain than Sony."

So your guessing?? Nothing wrong with having an opinion but that doesnt back the title you made.

"Yesterday, an analyst at Baird Equity Research who has been tracking the overall sales at Ebay this holiday season "

Not everyone uses EBAY to make there purchases. There are 100s of avenues to choose from to make a purchase for wither system.

"It’s looking more and more like Microsoft may never recover from the marketing and policy SNAFUs that plagued the console throughout 2013, and that the PlayStation 4 is cruising towards an easy victory."

So sales from both consoles are close and both are over 2 million in sales...but yet to the author it looks more and more like MS may never recover from 2013 pre release mistakes?? Umm news flash....XBOX one is selling well. And is not being blown away by the PS4.

"Again, though, without hard data from Sony or Microsoft, we can only really guess at the situation in the US and the rest of the world."

So here you have it...he himself doesnt have anything to back his 2 to 1 claims. So tired of these articles that the headlines are not backed up with what is in the article.

Both consoles are doing well. VERY well. The PS4 seems to be in higher demand. I want both consoles to sell well for my own reasons.
rainslacker  +   775d ago
If he did some research, he wouldn't of had to guess. Sony has it's own supply chain, and even sells it's supply chain services to other companies. MS outsources it's hardware supply chain completely.

Sony manufactures it's own products, as well as outsources some to other companies such as FoxxConn. MS only outsources it's production of hardware products.

Using Ebay is about as good as making comparisons to any other retail outlet. I've seen positive articles for both companies using retailer/trend research reports, but otherwise I agree, it's not really indicative of sales.

The rest of the stuff I do agree with you on however. Time will tell if MS will "recover" from their snafu's. And all these sales discussions are pointless given that any official data we have has been out of date since a week after it was given.

And yes, the article is poorly written, with a misleading title.
MannGamer  +   775d ago
Seriously Ebay, with all that is going on now Ebay becomes an indicator...
This doesn't say anything. If I were to try to spin this I could have said that this show that the people who are buying the PS4 are not gamers...
ALLWRONG  +   775d ago
LOL nice try.
MannGamer  +   775d ago
Really!!! So you think ebay is an indicator???
Please that news make the PS4 look desperate for attention.
Now I will give you news.
PS4 is selling out for every new shipment that comes out.
Wallmart was rumored to have their biggest ps4 shipments sold out in a day and have already stopped taking pre-order for the next shipment.
PS4 was all time 8th best sellers for video games on Amazon. After a shipment last week got sold out in 14 hours, the PS4 is now at number 6th while the last 900 PS4 available (they were bundle) was outselling the regular xbox one 3-1.
Now that is the kind of news that says something... Not Ebay...
jessupj  +   775d ago
It must be very uncomfortable for you sticking your head in the sand 24/7. How do you even breathe? Fascinating!

Of course this is just a rumor and must be taken with a pinch of salt, but to automatically deny it without a thought is very foolish on your part and tells me a lot about you. Especially considering all the other articles stating the insane demand for the PS4. All evidence points to this being true. Yet amazingly, you somehow ignore all that and blindly deny it.

I'll never understand MS apologists.
riecsou  +   775d ago
You are so much in the "fanboy" area that you haven't even realize that "MannGamer" was actually praising the sales of the PS4
1)"PS4 is selling out for every new shipment that comes out. "
2)"Wallmart was rumored to have their biggest ps4 shipments, sold out in a day and have already stopped taking pre-order for the next shipment."
He did not deny the rumor on the contrary he is saying that they sold out that rumored biggest shipment ever. And he is also saying that the next shipment is already selling because Wallmart has stopped taking pre-order for their next shipment
3) He said that PS4 was outselling Xbox One 3-1 when amazon recieved a big shipment from Sony and that shipment got sold in 14 hours. He is also saying that the shipment was so big that the PS4 went from 8th best selling in video games to 6th.
He is not a MS apologists. He is clearly showing that the demand for the PS4 is real.
ALLWRONG  +   775d ago
Fools will be fools. Bet you guys believe in Santa Claus and Leprechauns too. You guys still claim PS4's are sold out? Odd how none of these bigger sites are reporting it

Keep trying.
#26.3 (Edited 775d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
2v1  +   774d ago
fits you PERFECT!!
2 cents  +   775d ago
ATM i`m only interested in the ps4, but so far no games that appeal to me, so i`m holing out for now. Who knows, maybe a gta5 next gen?! Or GT6 next gen?! Or anything from Naughty Dog! I`m not much into FPS, and i just hate futuristic shooters.
Leogamer  +   775d ago
I was at Costco today at 10:15am, and saw two palettes full of PS4 Bundles selling for $489.00. (PS4, extra controller, and one year subscription of Plus) In half an hour, when I came back, there was one palette left. Hahaha people sometimes just can't control themselves.
Spartan119  +   775d ago
If only we got the same deal in Australia. I would of grabbed one in a heartbeat. Waiting list here stretches into first qtr of 2014
airforcex  +   775d ago
MS screwed up. That's it. Well done Sony! (From somone that owned a 360 and PS3 and liked 360 waaay more)
Spartan119  +   775d ago
"It has now been six weeks since Sony’s PS4 exploded onto the scene, kicking off the eighth generation of game consoles"

Sorry but the Wii U did that in 2012. It may be closer to Prev Gen in terms of specs but it is still the first 8th gen console released.
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