Top 5 Battlefield 4 Epic Moments And Epic Fail Videos Of December

Our monthly selection of the top 5 Battlefield 4 moments. Epic fails and epic moments in Battlefield 4.

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DarthJay1485d ago

This was my personal favorite for myself in December:

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thorstein1485d ago

The final video was brilliant! Def worth the watch!

Panthers1485d ago

This game is so epic. ONLY IN BATTLEFIELD

frostypants1485d ago

Yep. No shooter franchise gives more opportunity to kill enemies in clever and humiliating ways.

venom061485d ago

MAN... im so glad the crashes have been fixed... this game is epic now that you can play a full round and not have to worry about getting dashboarded...

GreenGamers1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Yes same for PC Finally! now waiting for second assault


Wait wait wait. Crashes had been fixed? Can you confirm it's working for PS4 now? I've been holding out so far, definetelly want it if it's working properly.

GreenGamers1485d ago

crashed twice today but i think it was because it was too epic :P

Sadist31485d ago

Must be new battlefield players. Those videos weren't anything special, or anything I haven't seen before.

H0RSE1483d ago

Yeah, because jumping out of a jet, firing a rocket and getting a ground kill, and then landing back in your jet in midair, is typical battlefield behavior...

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