Top 5 Battlefield 4 Epic Moments And Epic Fail Videos Of December

Our monthly selection of the top 5 Battlefield 4 moments. Epic fails and epic moments in Battlefield 4.

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DarthJay1332d ago

This was my personal favorite for myself in December:

Douchebag6961332d ago

That is really hard to do. I think I've only pulled it off once in all the times I've tried it. Good shot!

GreenGamers1332d ago

that is really not so hard to do. at least on pc. it would be much harder with a controller yes.

DarthJay1332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

@Douchebag696 - Thanks!

@bf4only - this was on Xbox One. Don't care how easy or hard it was. I found it amusing.

frostypants1332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

@bf4only: Turrets are no more or less easy to use with a mouse than a controller given they have a limited speed. Furthermore, it SHOULD be hard. Anyways, the fact that people on PCs can, when on foot, pull a 180 in a millisecond is a weakness of the game, not a strength.

H0RSE1331d ago


Yes, there should be a degree of challenge in games like this, but it should be built into the gameplay. When comparing m/kb vs controller, often times much of the challenge of console games comes from simply needing to use an inferior control method, which has little to do with the difficulty of the game itself. You say being able to pull off a 10 weakens the game. Others may argue that needing to take so much tedious time to aim and fire a tank turret in a game designed around vehicle warfare, would equally weaken the game.

Learning to use a controller is more difficult than using a mouse. This doesn't amount to console players needing more "skill" to play their shooters, it's just the need to overcome using a more awkward device. It's like trying to ride a mountain bike course with one of those old time bicycles with the big tire in the front vs using an actual mountain bike - it's just not optimal.

YOu can argue that you like controllers more, or you find them more comfortable or you are better with them vs a mouse, but these are nothing but preferences, and not actual evidence proving the controller is the more optimal input device. In actual test, with data and numbers, a mouse will beat a controller in virtually any test you can throw at it. One of the obvious advantages a controller has over a mouse, is gradual acceleration/deceleration via the sticks, but how useful is that in a shooter? Definitely not game changing.

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thorstein1332d ago

The final video was brilliant! Def worth the watch!

Panthers1332d ago

This game is so epic. ONLY IN BATTLEFIELD

frostypants1332d ago

Yep. No shooter franchise gives more opportunity to kill enemies in clever and humiliating ways.

venom061332d ago

MAN... im so glad the crashes have been fixed... this game is epic now that you can play a full round and not have to worry about getting dashboarded...

GreenGamers1332d ago (Edited 1332d ago )

Yes same for PC Finally! now waiting for second assault


Wait wait wait. Crashes had been fixed? Can you confirm it's working for PS4 now? I've been holding out so far, definetelly want it if it's working properly.

GreenGamers1332d ago

crashed twice today but i think it was because it was too epic :P

Sadist31332d ago

Must be new battlefield players. Those videos weren't anything special, or anything I haven't seen before.

H0RSE1330d ago

Yeah, because jumping out of a jet, firing a rocket and getting a ground kill, and then landing back in your jet in midair, is typical battlefield behavior...

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