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Submitted by BOLO 775d ago | article

More evidence suggests PS4 is winning the console wars


"We’re still very early in the game and the Xbox One has a lot going for it that could help it trounce the PlayStation 4 over the long haul. However, in these early stages we’ve seen several bits of evidence that all point to Sony’s PlayStation 4 having a slight but persistent lead in its battle against Microsoft and the Xbox One" (PS4, Xbox One)

BALLBAGS  +   775d ago
still doesn't mean I won't enjoy my Xbox one

but congratulations to Sony I'm look forward to infamous
jackanderson1985  +   775d ago
ha i'm in the same boat man... getting the PS4 when infamous comes out... hopefully they'll have a bundle for it
come_bom  +   775d ago
Bubbles for the smart remark.

Everybody knows (even Microsoft/Nintendo) that the PS4 will be the console that sells the most... doesn't mean you still can't enjoy other consoles like the X1 and WiiU.
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SITH  +   774d ago
I am still trying to figure out what else they get if they win? They get money, we continue to give it. Meanwhile...
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hankmoody  +   774d ago
Somebody give this man a bubble. He has sense. Unlike this article.
Cuzzo63  +   774d ago
It jus started tho. I'm sure ps3 will pull off the inevitable but is this really news worthy. N4G. Not 4 Gaming
Goku781  +   775d ago
It is inevitable. PS4 wins. Flawless victory.
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Gabenbrah  +   775d ago
Congrats to Sony, good to see them make a great console, great for competition in this industry.
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uptownsoul  +   775d ago
i hope they both keep selling, and stay close. Have Microsoft and Sony battle for my dollar…Gamers win out inevitably
YellowTempes  +   774d ago
No, gamers lose because of this damn exclusivity bullshii
nunley33  +   773d ago
Gamers won with the PS2 as the lead system,it'll happen again with PS4. Gamers lost a lot from 360 gimped ports and exclusive dlc deals among many other things I could list.
Unreal01  +   775d ago
I love my PS4, and I'm glad Sony got off to a great start with it. But there's so many of these types of articles. I think the majority knew that the PS4 was going to outsell the Xbox One at launch, but everyone needs to remember that both have been out for barley a month. I'm sure both will sell well :)
KNWS  +   775d ago
Its obvious why very few x box fans post here, this site, is so pro-Sony. I wonder why i even bother myself?

This is the x box section and yet half the threads posted to this section are usually about how great the PS4 is!

I'm sure x box fans are most interested in x box news than hearing about how great the PS4 IS, why the x box sucks, and so on!

I'm sure disagree's will be plentiful too. The site is a joke and i'm done.
medman  +   775d ago
Gamers post here. Real gamers prefer the PS4, for obvious reasons. Don't be upset. That's just the way it is.
SITH  +   774d ago
Literally made his point.
UnHoly_One  +   774d ago
"Real gamers prefer the PS4, for obvious reasons."

Please enlighten us as to what these obvious reasons are, because I am as hardcore of a gamer as I know and I prefer the Xbox One by a landslide.
beerzombie  +   774d ago
Real gamer's love games; not systems produced company's that don't know or even care about you.
hazardman  +   774d ago
@Unholy One

Then your not a "Real Gamer"!!! Real Gamers enjoy playing games regardless of platform or resolution!!

I cant knock you for preferring PS4 its great system, but to say that its the preferred console for real gamers was dumb statement. Gamers with your sentiment are Fanboys not Gamers!!
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MasterCornholio  +   774d ago
I dont consider fanboys gamers though.

I bought a PS4 because between the two console I think the PS4 provides the best gaming experience. But its just my opinion and I have nothing against people who like the Xbox One.

However I loath supporters of Microsoft's previous DRM policies.
nunley33  +   773d ago
It did make his point and it was funny as hell. I really laughed out loud when I read it lol. I do like N4G cause it's turned into a sony friendly site since the xbox trolls retreated from here, their comments amuse me though .
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MetaReapre  +   775d ago
Someone is seriously butthurt. Who cares what people say about what console, just enjoy the console of your choice. Albeit my choice is the ps4 but when a great game comes out for the xb1 that I like, then I will buy it.
Killzoner99   774d ago | Trolling | show
Majin-vegeta  +   774d ago
@unholy Just for you buddy.

Enjoy :)
UnHoly_One  +   774d ago
lol, and that video is supposed to prove what, exactly? A 7 month old E3 video?

Listen, I have no problem with the PS4, I'm sure I'll play some great games on it.

But when it comes to anything I can do on both consoles, I'm going to do it on XB1. I like the controller better, my friends are all on XBL, etc...

It's just my preference. And since I have both consoles I'm not going to be "missing out" on any games this gen at all.

I don't care that you guys like Sony more, it doesn't bother me in the least, the only thing that bothers me is the constant preaching about it and telling people like me that we are "wrong" for not agreeing with you guys. (I'm not saying you personally do that, it's just an example of something I see on here a lot.)

Like what you like, buy whatever you want, and play whatever games you want to play. Just don't try to force your opinions on others and this place would be a much more civil website.

Just my 2 cents.
BABYLEG  +   774d ago
Stop unholy. You speak to deaf ear when you say that. Tomorrow another sales article will pop up and it'll be #1 that same day just like everything anti MS is always poppin.

sometimes I wonder how old these children are because I feel empathy for any grown man who would act how people act on here..

then I remember that its the internet. I've seen some crazy things on the web. It's like politics.
Kryptix  +   774d ago
Try Polygon, they'll satisfy your need as an Xbox fanboy with biased reviews and misinformation against the PS brand.

Trust me though, N4G isn't the only gaming website I go to and a majority of them are "pro Sony." It's just that more people are interested in the PS4 which in that matter generates more PS4 news.


Bubbles for pointing out a key element on why Sony dominates the gaming market in every generation since the PS1. To me, it's about giving gamers what they ask for with no hesitation and Sony knows how to do that.
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Vegetarianshark  +   774d ago
Christ... I'm heavily anti-MS this gen but you Sony fans are more insecure than pre-teen girls. If someone prefers the Xbone and is very vocal about it like UnHoly one, so be it. The more you attack him, the more he will feel the need to defend his console of choice and the shit throwing will go on from there and never stop.
Kryptix  +   774d ago

I wasn't bashing Unholy One and when he does reply to me, I come out with facts.

Example given...

And don't act like you never bashed an Xbox fanboy before:

Vegetarianshark + 2d ago | Personal attack | hide
"xbox live will always be better so dont say stupid stuff like that." lol, you would jump off a building for Microsoft. You're way to much of a flamboyant Xbot fanboy for anyone to take you seriously.
#1.2.2 Agree(56) | Disagree(14) | Report

That comment was tagged for personal attack and you're bashing me for the same reason apparently. I could care less if you're anti-MS or anti-Sony. If you're a hypocrite or the truth doesn't register with're not on my side.
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PsylentKiller  +   775d ago
Consoles are nothing without games and, for me, the PS4 is lacking in that department. The only reason I bought a PS4 on launch day is because I sold my PS3 and I still have two years of PS+ left. I thought that PS+ gave four free games a month and quite a few discounts. Apparently, the PS4 version of PS+ is different from the PS3 and PSVita versions.

The PS4 is a great console but I've been playing my XB1 a lot more. The launch line for Sony doesn't do much for me. Maybe it's because I've been having so much fun playing Ryse (yes, it can be fun), Forza, and Dead Rising. I have AC4 for the PS4 but it hasn't held my attention even though it is a great game. Maybe I'll trade that in at gamestop with their %50 trade bonus after Christmas and I'll pick up Killzone to see what all the hype is about.
quaneylfc  +   774d ago
I agree (bubble for having your own opinion, unlike most people on this website.) Power seems to be the only thing for the ps4 at the moment. I have both and don't go on my ps4 because the games lineup is not to my taste.
PsylentKiller  +   773d ago
Thanks for the bubble.
I guess people disagreed with me because they think the launch line up is good for the PS4. I would have liked a reply along with the disagrees so that they could let me know which PS4 game is worth buying.
I bought Flower and Trine 2. Both are great games but I'm looking for something a bit more next gen.
hazardman  +   774d ago
I agree, PS4 doesnt have any great games at moment and the games I was playing on PS4 was also available on X1. So I traded my PS4 for X1 and havent looked back sense. I will get PS4 again in April.
jahfen83  +   774d ago
Next console launch Microsoft hopefully will have learned from their mistakes and make a great console much like what Sony is doing with the PS4.
MasterCornholio  +   774d ago
If they dont quit they probably will do that. And hopefully Sony will remain competitive with their next console as well.

As long as neither of them try to ruin the industry with draconic DRM policies I'll have no issues with them.
hazardman  +   774d ago
I think its safe to say that by the time the next concoles launch, DRM will already be implemented into most internet based products..
misterbe3  +   774d ago
Both consoles will be good, and sell well. Just like your choice and don't hate others who have bought different from you.

Game on, and watch some TV here and there.
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hazardman  +   774d ago
Lol... Xbox snap ESPN!! Now im gaming and watching TV.
whoyouwit04  +   774d ago
this evidence is pointing to how I'm epecting the consooe war to go, which is the PS4 "SLIGHTLY" out selling the Xbox one which isn't saying much given the cheaper price, good press, and hype.
prettyboy12  +   774d ago
its a little more then slightly but what eva
SegaGamer  +   774d ago
I don't really care who is winning, it's not a war, wars end, this never ends.

Who bloody cares ? all i care about is the games, i'll get both evetually and i will get a Wii U, but i won't be one of these sad losers going on and on and on about which console is better. It's pathetic really.
hazardman  +   774d ago
I like your name and pic!! Sega is my all time favorite gaming company! My 1st console was Sega Master System, man how I wish they would launch another console. So many great IPs.
sonic989  +   774d ago
i wont buy any other console other than the PS4 and but that doesnt mean i will hate the others for example my bro has a Wiiu and some times i play with him and he also plays on my PS3 ( and soon PS4 ) so its not really a competition .

I started my gaming hobby on the Sega genesis it was my first system i was a huge sega fan ( and more of a Sonic fan ) then i started supporting both Sega/ Sony
and when sega went out i went all Sony
#11.2 (Edited 774d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Ashby_JC  +   774d ago
I have owned them all.

And I 100% agree that arguing back and forth about which is better is pathetic.

It all comes down to preference. Last gen I owned both and I had a preference for one over the other but I would never say or try and convince anyone that my choices are what everyone else should do.

Like now I read comments with people saying things like...why would anyone want a xbox one? Hmm maybe because thats what they prefer.

If you own a PS4 ...kudos!! But dont try and make it like everyone has to own what you like and if they dont they are dumb or made the wrong choice.

I look forward to 2014 and beyond for gaming!
Lucifun  +   774d ago
I will decide who is winning or losing the console wars in the next ten years when this gen is over (or when I get a Pc and not care about consoles anymore).
sonic989  +   774d ago
PC is basically an MMO and FPS machine which in my opinion is lacking compared to consoles i have the money to build a very powerful PC but seriously PC unless you count pixels on multi plats and care about things that wont change how you experience the game.

When was the last time a pc game won game of the year and nearly every great pc game is a multi plat except those graphically weak MMOs .

i care about gaming experience and game play not graphics a normal person will focus on the graphics for like the first 15 mins then he will get used to it but the game play if it sucks then the whole thing is
#12.1 (Edited 774d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Ashby_JC  +   774d ago
I was very close to building my first gaming PC a few months before the PS4/XB1 released.

I decided I would wait and get my new system and play BF4 to see how I liked it versus last gen XB/PS3.

I have to say even though I have never played BF4 on PC. The jump from last gen to current gen is good enough for me.

I no longer want a gaming PC. I feel that outside of hi end PC gfx that these new consoles with the structure of PSN/XBL ecosystem I guess I would call it makes me stay with it.

2014 and on looks to be a great time for gaming for all platforms!
Ashby_JC  +   774d ago
I purchased the XB1 and will eventually get the PS4 (waiting for a killer title) but for others have said above I want both systems to sell.

And it looks that even with all the drama leading to launch that the XB1 is doing well. Whoever is in the lead is not a big deal as long as they are BOTH selling and increasing the install base.

I want both SONY and MS to compete for our dollars. Meaning that we will get improved UI, better games etc etc. No matter which console you prefer. Having both systems sell well is a win win.

Look at what happened with Madden and NFK2K. There is only ONE option for NFL football. I would NEVER want one console. I like that all 3 on the market have there unique experiences.

From March 2014 with Infamous and titanfall dropping to games we are looking forward to like Destiny, The Order, Quantum Break....I am VERY excited!!!!!!!

7-8 years was very very long with the 360/PS3. I was soooo ready to get to next gen. And I am having a good time with LAUNCH games...which usually are NOT good. But if Im enjoying launch games imagine next year and the year after for US!!!!!!
urwifeminder  +   774d ago
Still don't want one please stop trying to sell these on the xbox page thank you.
nunley33  +   774d ago
There will be a infamous:second son PS4 bundle,I'm also waiting for it too before buying my ps4.

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