XboxOZ360: Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Review - Vegas Revisited, The End Of A Series

XboxOZ360's Lee Edgerton reviews Rainbow Six Vegas 2:

"It's like the old glove that fits, that bike you rode when you were a child or even those shoes that have been worn in just right. Ubisoft's next addition to the Rainbow Six IP is everything you've come to expect from the series and although the similarities take away from some of the "new game feeling", the extras sure make up for it!

"'Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 answers a lot of, well, unanswered questions surrounding the first iteration. It takes place from before the first game and tells the story both during and after Vegas 1. But you're not seeing the events through the eyes of Logan Keller, but rather Bishop, the leader of another Rainbow squad dealing with the more dirty situations that arise throughout the Vegas timeline."

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