Blend Games Review: Viking - Battle For Asgard

Blend Games writes: "Despite my rumblings about the hack n slash genre in the past, I do love the idea of destroying the multitudes with a battle axe. Going into SEGA's Viking: Battle for Asgard I had high hopes, but low expectations. What ended up happening was me having more fun than I expected, despite some obvious and glaring problems with the game.

Viking is set in the world of Norse mythology, where the gods ruled and people got extremely jacked and ripped to go into battle. The player character, Skarin, is mortally wounded after a battle with the legions of Hel. That's one "l," not two. Freya steps in to help the muscle bound axe wielder, and with her healing powers gains his allegiance to her cause. That cause is to do battle with Hel, queen of the underworld. Skarin's reward is to make the lands a little less dingy, because each time you save an area (whether it's a camp or a full on fortress) the surrounding area is cleared of darkness. Just like the new Prince of Persia game announced, it is very Zelda-esque."

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