Nintendo’s Holiday Survey Asks “Is Your Body Ready?”

Dylan Z of iGR writes: "Nintendo just scored some points in my book with their holiday survey."

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XiSasukeUchiha1578d ago

Hopefully a new nintendo games?

JackieCruise691578d ago

My body is ready, of course.

Zodiac1578d ago

i didn't think those three answer choices were all that funny.

This writer will be missing out on some great titles if 99 dollars is the magic number.

Chrono1578d ago

Make sure to look for the U on the box.

ELpork1578d ago

Ugh... Let that joke die...

thehobbyist1578d ago

When it stops being such a versatile phrase it will. Which is never.

ELpork1577d ago

It should die when it's not funny, which was half way through the Wiis lifespan.