Battered Yahoo Admits It Overplayed Hand; Open To New Microsoft Talks

"How's this for a quick cave? Less than 48 hours after Microsoft (MSFT) pulled the plug on its Yahoo (YHOO) offer, Yahoo has already admitted publicly that it would have been willing to do a deal below $37. It has also already said that it would be happy to reopen talks with Microsoft.

Why the backtrack?

Because Yahoo employees and shareholders are dismayed by the collapse of the deal.

I'm extremely disappointed in Jerry Yang," said Gordon Crawford, a portfolio manager at Capital Research Global Investors, which owns over 6% of Yahoo's shares. "I think he overplayed a weak hand. And I'm even more disappointed in the independent directors who were not responsive to the needs of independent shareholders." writes

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condorstrike3879d ago

And Microsoft now will move in for the kill, too bad Google would have too many antitrust law problems due to advertisement monopoly because that would be a sweet merger, and a big kick in the but to Microsoft.

RealityCheck3879d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Agreed. Showing such weak resolve in less than 2 days will leave Yahoo very vulnerable. They are pretty much done for now. On the plus side there might be interesting spin-offs opening around from the departing talent after the takedown occurs.

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Lets-Game3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

industry - technology :)

DJ3879d ago

They've got 5x the market share of MSN, and are far more profitable. To give in now would be a huge mistake. They need to think long term instead of getting phased by a temporary stock dip.

Captain Tuttle3878d ago

It's the only chance they have to compete with Google.

gnothe13878d ago

DJ would you just shut up!! everything dealing with MS is BAD according to you!! evidently they NEED MS because now they WANNA talk an ADMITTED they did the wrong thing. so that means THEY know more about their business an what they NEED then you so just get over yourself an the hatred you have for MS.

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