American Hardware and Software Chart for Week Ending May 3rd, 2008

VGChartz reports that their estimate for American hardware and software chart for week Ending May 3rd, 2008 is as follows:

Total Hardware: [Last Week #]

Wii: 398,710 (+420%) [76,608]
DSL: 154,044 (+1%) [151,872]
PS3: 145,196 (+76%) [82,652]
360: 119,345 (+62%) [73,578]
PSP: 83,414 (+19%) [70,124]
PS2: 44,860 (+21%) [37,227]

Top 10 Software:

1 Grand Theft Auto IV (360) 2,317,774 2,317,774 [NEW]
2 Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3) 1,386,032 1,386,032 [NEW]
3 Mario Kart Wii (Wii) 1,231,264 1,231,264 [NEW]
4 Wii Sports (Wii) 398,710 11,138,433
5 Super Smash Bros Brawl (Wii) 196,946 3,543,154
6 Wii Play (Wii) 155,393 5,765,332
7 Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon 2: Time/ Darkness (DS) 105,034 441,682
8 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (360) 84,106 4,147,286
9 Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) 74,501 3,505,366
10 Army of Two (360) 73,984 815,118

Other New Releases:

11 Iron Man (360) 72,519 72,519 [NEW]
20 Iron Man (PS2) 40,174 40,174 [NEW]

Software Totals: [Last Week Total]

360: 3,611,154 (+239%) [1,066,672] Tie Ratio: 8.52
Wii: 2,901,918 (+276%) [772,807] Tie Ratio: 6.02
PS3: 2,109,052 (+238%) [623,382] Tie Ratio: 5.88
DSL: 991,871 (-20%) [1,234,707] Tie Ratio: 4.13
PS2: 339,917 (-0%) [340,637] Tie Ratio: N/A
PSP: 289,499 (+3%) [281,922] Tie Ratio: 3.94

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Homicide3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Wow! I think it's safe to say this: HD Console War over baby. GTA IV helped push more PS3 than 360. Pretty impressive overall. First time PS3 sold more than a million software in a week in NA alone?

MS screwed up big time. They didn't advertise those 2 exclusive DLCs. It seems like they wasted those $50 million. Also no price cut?

HighDefinition3848d ago

This is only the beginning.

MGS4 next month. This could get ugly, quickly.

criticalzero3848d ago

MGS4???...Did I hear MGS??? Holy_fuk yes....And then Resistance 2, KZ2, this year is gonna be grate for the PS3...Media really wasn't Bullshiting when they said, "2008 Year of the PS3"

sonarus3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Its not over by a long shot.

The boost received by both consoles was pretty similar. PS3 80GB's are still out of stock and a couple of people are holding off for those. Msoft doesn't have any big system sellers till gears of war 2. So this is a rather painful loss for them

Anyway its just Vgchartz

How the hell does the wii sell 400,000 in one week???. That isn't possible.

Anyway, i will be waiting on NPD data for both hardware and software sales. Remember how vgchartz said DMC4 360 outsold PS3 2:1 and then NPD came out and it was close.

Vgchartz is useless. I am still baffled at how the wii sold 400k in a week

Fallen_Angel3848d ago

Again vgchartz pulls numbers out is ass so this means nothing. Beside GTA4 on the 360 out sold the ps3 version by 2 to 1. Even if the number are right I hardly call that a win for the ps3 sell a couple of thousand more system while the 360 sold over a million more copies for gta4 . Plus it also sold more on the 360 in the uk even if it was only by a small amount.

PS3Freak3848d ago

The 360 sold more GTA's, Because more people in america own 360s then ps3. So if u break it down, the precentage of people that own a 360 and bought GTA is lower than that of the ps3. That in other words is a victory for the ps3. Plus more systems were sold. Do your research.... and i know someones gonna tell me to go to the other zone... dont bother i already know.

ruibing3848d ago

All this just means that the PS3 will outsell the 360 once again in the month of April for NA. And I doubt the 360 is ever going to beat the PS3 in monthly sales ever again, because it will be exclusive titles one after another.

The PS3 is finally starting to get the PS2 fanbase to switch over. The release of Haze should secure more sales in Europe, and MGS4 worldwide and that's when the PS3 will finally distinguish itself from the rest of the pack. This should only be a preview for the rest of the year.

dan-boy3848d ago

isn't this vgchartz??? and everything in there is just an estimation? why can't this rubbish be banned, and just the npd figures posted??

justgamez3847d ago

their estimates usually favor MS. So the numbers could actually be bigger for Sony then VGC is "estimating" here.

There is no doubt MS was smart enough to know just how badly they needed GTA IV. That is why they went after it so hard. I just don't see what MS could possibly have left in the tank to compete with Sony from here on out. Gears 2 wont be enough and I am well aware of most of their other exclusives over the next couple years and most of them are unproven IPs.

After this year MS will be focusing squarely on their "Next" Box. The only chance they have is to get it out a couple years ahead of the PS4.

Will-UK3847d ago

i'm surprised at wii sales in the week of gta iv , maybe its vgchartz inaccuracy or great wii sales

potenquatro3847d ago

yes ps3 won!!!!!!!!!!!!weeeeeeeeeeee!! !!!!!!now everybody can stop talking crap about wich one is better and how the ps3 is more powerful than anything in the world.

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alexM3848d ago

BUT PS3 has a better attach rate for GTA4

1 Grand Theft Auto IV (360) 2,317,774 2,317,774 [NEW]
2 Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3) 1,386,032 1,386,032 [NEW]

also LOOK at HW sales

PS3: 145,196 (+76%) [82,652]
360: 119,345 (+62%) [73,578]

PS3 ==win win win

Snukadaman3848d ago

"These are VGCRAP numbers
BUT PS3 has a better attach rate for GTA4"

typical droid..bash on one side and chime in on the other...what a really dropped the ball on this one...there should of been the price drop me and many others were waiting for to sell some consoles...cause i guarantee a 50 dollar price drop might not do nothing in europe but in the states it would of made a big difference.

Ace Ventura3848d ago

Bro... I only heard him predict what is gonna happen... PS3 loses roughly 2:1 in America(and by this it didn't even lost that bad) in software...PS3 wins by about 2:1 in software in Europe or really close and PS3 wins in hardware sales in every country all over the world. Stop whining.

You lost and are giong to continue to. It's sad seeing you angrily fight with Nasim. We all know PS3 is going to win. I would just get over it.

alexM3848d ago

PS3 GTA4 >>>> X360 GTA4

and PS3 HW >>>> X360 HW

so PS3 wins in GTA4 war


JOLLY13848d ago

I thought your "predictions" said that the ps3 beat the 360 in software sales in.......wait for it........all territories. I guess your unbelievable magic ball is just that, unbelievable. Now be quiet and sit in the corner!

alexM3848d ago

In terms of HW sales PS3 is the winner

also PS3 has a smaller base than x360 in USA

BUT who has a better attach rate??

also which console will have better sales in europe in terms of both HW and SW??


PS3 will have massive lead over x360 in terms of HW in europe . Wait for EU numbers

even in NA PS3 is victorious

JOLLY13848d ago

You do realize that developers don't care about attach rate right? They care that their product sales. Rockstar likes 3 million better than 2 million. That is 60 million more. Microsoft made Rockstar sixty million more dollars. They had to spend more time on the ps3 version...for less money. I am sure that Rockstar is thrilled about that! You should really take some business courses at a local college or something.

Snukadaman3848d ago

figures he brings up the smaller install base again..I swear with 4 million ps3s the software sales should be close too a million a week...if xbox can pull it off surely the ps3 can as well....unless no one is buying a ps3 for games but only movies.

Ace Ventura3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

WORLDWIDE SOFTWARE Estimates for the last 2 weeks:

PS3: 1,078,335[1,020,836]
360: 1,304,129[1,131,572]

LOL. Keep telling yourself whatever you like but the 360 will VERY SOON be losing in everything. The only reason the 360 even has a high attach rate is becuase it sells so few consoles lol. Those software sales should show you... even the most in denial Xbox 36th0 fanboy who still believes the XBox 360 won't come in na distant last place.... that PS3 software sales are performing BETTER than the FLOPbox 360. It lost by ONLY 100,000 one week and 220,00 the next and has been here a FULL YEAR YOUNGER. PWNAGE.

PS3 wins in software sale in Japan on a weekly basis and doubles the 360's software sales in Europe on a weekly basis... if not every week it gets really close.

Stop lieing bro. Did you see those SOFTWARE TOTALS??? You are obviously a angry 360 fanboy. PS3 is killing the Xbox 360.

Take a look at these HARDWARE sales... in AMERICA!!

PS3: 145,196
360: 119,345

THERE IS NO SPINNING IT. Playstation is more popular than every country all over the world.The much cheaper Xbox 360 can't even beat the PS3 in America and it got beat MUCH worse in Europe and Aulstralia. Get over it and stop WHINING and LIEING in every thread. Xbox 360 is this generation Sega CD/Xbox hahahhahahahaahhahahahahhahahh aha

Snukadaman3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

xbox 360= 3,611,154 (+239%) 99,806,926 8.52
ps3= 2,109,052 (+238%) 28,668,719 5.88

I was speaking on North America droid....I will let you make up numbers.

PS3: 145,196
360: 119,345

out of those 145k i wonder how many of those will actually finish a multiplayer game...or even finish the 1st level when their machine gives the YLOD.

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Homicide3848d ago

PS3 outsold the 360 in GTA IV week in the 360's turf. Microsoft screwed up this time. LMAO! Those $50 million for the two exclusive episodes didn't helped them. No price cut. Sorry MS, but you screwed up big time.

Ace Ventura3848d ago

I would say America is Playstation's turf. No Xbox has EVEN GOT CLOSE to how much a Playstation has sold in America(lifetime) and PS3 is going to outsell the 360 in America in its lifetime again...I mean, its at the beginning of its second year and trucking it this bad???

Xbox isn't the preferred console in ANY country. Playstation is king and is goign to continut beating the Xbox 360 for the next years and years. Soon we will see a MGS4 bundle and pricecut later this year also. And also some other BIG BIG games....

BIoodmask3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

is always wrong. I consider them the joke of N4G. I usually report it as SPAM, but people seem to like it so much I quit doing it. It would be just as credible to ask Ms Cleo the fortuneteller.

Oh well, enjoy.


HighDefinition3848d ago

You would "celebrate" VG charts last year when the 360 was on top. But now.....since you now a PC/Wii gamer(LoL) you look @ it differently.


lilwingman3848d ago

If anything, VGChartz saying PS3 sold 26,000 more means it was really more like 50,000+. NPD always seems to prove that they overtrack the 360 and undertrack the PS3.

And then there are the 400,000 grandmas who bought the Wii.

Can't wait to see worldwide numbers.

BIoodmask3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

No, If I wanted to celebrate VG Chartz I would post it myself, would I not? I do not care about sales figures. It is funny that you refer to me in this manner, yet you are the one celebrating....Ever look in the mirror? When you point the finger there is always 3 pointing back at yourself.

All I am saying is that VG Chartz isn't a reliable source. No matter who it depicts in the sales lead. Notice how this article is posted as 'RUMOR' and not as news? It should be pretty self-explanatory.

HighDefinition3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

When the PS3 took over.

That should be pretty self-explanatory!

edit: I can admit I LOVE SEEING THE HW NUMBERS because i`m bias towards the PS brand and PS3 is mopping up the 360 lately. Funny thing is, what made me love seeing it so much, is all of the people (like you) last year who talked some much sh!t about the "inferior" PS3. It made me appreciate it more. Ironic.

can you be honest w/ yourself?

cmrbe3848d ago

has a point. These should just be taken as estimates. These numbers makes for some pretty good discussion which is why i don't mind them. We can never take these as actual, actual sales figures.

HighDefinition3848d ago

Last year they inflated 360 numbers and deflated PS3 numbers. This is probaly the same situation.

PS3 won 2007, but NOT on VG charts.

HighDefinition3848d ago

Stop fronting. People remember the sh!t you were talking last year. Everything was about how sh!tty Bluray is, The Cell, all that and more.

sonarus3848d ago

There are many fanboys i respect on this site and bloodmask is one of them. Its all good though VGchartz is always wrong, for all we know the ps3 could have outsold the 360 by a bigger margin:D

EZCheez3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

I also think that if it were the other way around, there would have been about a dozen posts before you saying the exact same thing you said.

potenquatro3847d ago

plankton,hi def,etc... stop fronting.ur as big a fanboi as that the ps3 outsells xbox.are you going to stop with the ps3 is better than anything bs? are u going to stop making people feel inferior because they got the console u don't like? congrats on the ps3 sales(aparently you own stock in sony). are you going to finally become a real gamer and buy a xbox or pc now that ur ego isn't as fragile? yes fanboys suck on either side.but u specially have been at it a while.i've seen u trigger many fanboy comments with ur own.why are u always on the gamerzone? openzone is one clic clic.just one clic. and take the rest of the fanbois with u on ur way.

SWORDF1SH3847d ago

hey blood. does this coment look familiar
"I wouldn't be suprised
to see the Xbox 360 outsell the Wii at least throughout the Months of Oct, Nov, and Dec. These are after all the hottest shopping months of the entire year for consoles.

Not to mention that the 360 starts at just $280, and the Wii at $250. No ill feelings towards the Wii. It is just that Halo 3 seems to be pushing 360 hardware sales tremendously, Mass Effect will most likely push some consoles to an extent also. It will be close though bc Super Mario Galaxy will push the Wii.

And as to the validity of VG Chartz, of course they are not 100% accurate but they are usually in a pretty close ball park range."

yes thats right its yours. you thought og vgcharts differently when it was in the favour of the 360.

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