GamesRadar: Top Spin 3 Hands-On

Where did Sega get the bright idea of migrating its stable of characters, those better known for dancing, flying and speed, to a more confined 78 by 36 foot court? Wii Sports, no doubt. Apparently, Nintendo's tech demo got everybody and their mother thinking they too can make a tennis game. Well, 2K Sports's Top Spin is returning this summer with its third iteration to tell the copycats: No. No you can't.

Or at least they're setting out to prove you can't do a game of tennis quite so fine as the one Top Spin 3 is set to serve. They've taken the simple act of whacking balls back and forth and added more layers then a Taco Bell prototype chalupa. To start, each face button is prescribed a specific function instead of an all purpose "Thwack!" Slices, lobs, flat and drop shots occupy every face button, and all use an intuitive hold-and-release scheme that allows you to time swings to infinite appropriateness.

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tamd3872d ago

cool graphics cool game

meepmoopmeep3872d ago

looking mighty nice so far. i'm not a big sports fan but this looks really good.

InMyOpinion3872d ago

Why not use the right analogue stick for swinging?