GameSpy: NBA Ballers: Chosen One Review

GameSpy writes: "Four years ago, Ballers brought a bit of attitude and showmanship back to the hardwood. One-on-one hoops is more like a fighting game than a basketball game, and Midway's thorough background in the fighting genre no doubt proved useful in the Ballers design. Solid design concepts and balanced gameplay made the franchise a quality experience in its rookie year.

The Chosen One brings us those same solid fundamentals but seems more concerned with amping up the hype and non-hoops frills than enhancing the actual gameplay experience. The story is solid enough, with NBA stars and a group of street ballers coming together in a hunt for, well... the Chosen One, the next great hardwood hero. At the center of this mode is your created character, competing in a televised tourney hosted by former Public Enemy frontman Chuck D."

-Fighting-game mentality suits one-on-one
-Visuals to next-gen standards
-Fun online play

-Story mode takes three hours to beat
-Repetitive go-to combos easily dominate the AI

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