Disaster: Day Of Crisis, Finally Get's A Release Date!

It has been a very long time, but there is finally some note worthy news to report on Monolith's most anticpated title, Disaster: Day Of Crisis. A release date has finally been announced for Japan. The game is scheduled to hit store shelves on July 3rd, 2008. Here's hoping the game doesn't get delayed and that it finds it way to our shores before to long.

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nintendostar3871d ago

This will be a really good subtsitution for Fallout 3....just missing the Dog

PS360WII3871d ago

awesome July in Japan.... I wonder what that means for US and Europe dates though

ItsDubC3871d ago

I feel like this game will do much better in western territories. Japanese gamers seem to have much different tastes...

DeckUKold3871d ago

We know very little about it.