8 Things 'Grand Theft Auto IV' Gets Wrong About New York City, Including Bagels

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Here in New York City, our trees aren't invincible. We actually have children and squirrels scurrying through our parks. And the big amusement park over in Brooklyn, one of our five boroughs, is on the southeast side, not the west.

Such things are different in Liberty City.

"Grand Theft Auto IV" gets many, many things right about New York City, the metropolis upon which its Liberty City is based. And it gets some big things wrong that I can overlook.

But some of the game's misrepresentations demand correcting. New York City, I will defend your rep, via a cheap numbered-list post.

"GTA IV" is - dare I say it - just a game. So it's okay that it doesn't have a Westchester County or any other land connected to its version of Queens (called Dukes)[EDIT: My mistake! I meant the Bronx/Bohan]. It's sort of okay that Staten Island didn't make it onto the Liberty City map. Some of these inaccuracies are forgivable, given that Rockstar Games did include authentic tai chi aficionados slowly twirling in Liberty Ciy's parks and street preachers bellowing on the sidewalks. The developers really have made the most authentic video game city I've ever played darts in.

However, just as a major movie set in New York might convince some of out-of-towners to visit the Big Apple, "GTA IV" might bring some non-New-Yorkers to the real life Liberty City. I don't want you to come here with the wrong idea. Here are eight things about New York City grossly misrepresented in Rockstar Games' Liberty City:"

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nintendostar3874d ago

I suppose thats why they called it Liberty City and not New York City

HowarthsNJ3873d ago

Somewhat rougher than anything in GTA too I might add :-)

To be fair, I haven't been there in over ten years so things could be better now.

I don't remember what they called it in Vice City though.

perseus3874d ago

The funniest part of that article was the 13 and 14 year olds getting angry at the author. I mean, the article was chuckly, but the people leaving comments were fXcking hilarious.

For example,

"your an idiot, its based on it not a replica stfu"

Look at that! It's comedy gold!

Breakfast3874d ago

" This has to be the worst game reviewer ever. EPiC FAiL to the fullest extent. mtv needs to FIRE this guy..

Stephen Totillo i want to take you out on gta 4 multiplayer with a rocket launcher. better yet i will use the bat. You will then get the nyc baseball experience you were biching about."

That one made me laugh.

Sangria3874d ago

He didn't deny about the Statue of Liberty's heart... hmm...

sarcastoid3874d ago

... I suppose you've gotta find SOMETHING to complain about.

And just like the first comment says... I guess that's why they called it Liberty City and not New York City.

Anyone know if this guy reviewed san andreas? I wanna read that one too.

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The story is too old to be commented.