Amazon Already Sold Out Of Wii Fit

Kotaku writes: "Online shoppers seem to have fed frenziedly on Wii Fit at, up for pre-order as of April 15, with the retailer already claiming its allocation of the Nintendo fitness title is already at capacity. The site says it is "actively seeking more of this product from suppliers" and we suspect that the impression that one will be able to get their hands on the game/non-game day one-as we foolishly suspected would be possible with the Wii itself-is looking less and less likely".

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skynidas3873d ago

Its sad to see how games like this sale so damn good, i wouldnt even call this thing a game, come on a stupid plastic board where someone stands up and make exercises, go to the gym if u want to exercise

PumPum3872d ago

Things like Wiifit really hurts the industry and thats why i dont even consider the Wii being in the main console race anymore. Its not competing with X0 or PS3 and shouldent even be compared.

nintendostar3873d ago

I just don't see myself buying this.
I'm glad everyone else is though!

poopface13872d ago

there must be alot of fat people who are looking for more gimicky weight loss tricks. A week after it comes out its going to go in the garage next to the unused treadmill and the ab-roller.

BrotherNick3872d ago

I bet it will happen, but people who stick to it will lose weight cause they are moving more than they would without it.

LeonSKennedy4Life3872d ago

They won't play me.

BrotherNick3872d ago

You sure have a negative view of people. :P

poopface13872d ago

video games were supposed to be fun. These lazy people should just go do some real exercise. Im sure not everyone who gets this is fat but do people actually like this kinda stuff. I guess the wii is really not for the type of gamer that I am. I bet alot of overweight people break it just by stepping on it. whow does it work anyways. Do they expect fat people to stand on the plastic thing and do jumping jacks.

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mikeslemonade3872d ago

I'm not fat and I plan on buying this. Just wish it was $70 instead of $90. Either way it's gonna sell.

fox023872d ago

you are not fat, and yet you are buying it? i don't get it
I thought it was suppose to make you loose weight.
What happened to jogging? Is that "last-gen"??

BrotherNick3872d ago

There are some games that look really fun, anyways you do pushups and stuff on it's not just for losing weight.

ItisI3872d ago

Is that because it is thumping them or because you cannot admit a "last gen" console is selling much better than your mighty console. Its funny that the DS has taken the same route as the Wii and has also thumped the competition. Do you also claim the DS isn't in the handheld competition. You should let other people enjoy all different types of games not just hardcore games.

LeonSKennedy4Life3872d ago

Imagine if the PS3 had launched with a Wii Sports type game, but in high definition...

Feel cool now?

The Wii is not a console. It is a new Furby or Beanie Baby or Tickle Me Elmo. It's called a fad. As with all fads, it is dying out. After Wii Fit releases, there's no reason to get one of these things except to impress your relatives, and everybody's already done that.

Sony could come out tomorrow and release the Playstation Bowflex and sell 1 million copies the first day.

Listen to yourself. You're comparing games like Wii Fit, Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid to masterpieces like Bioshock, Call of Duty 4, and Uncharted.

The Wii has made a mockery of the industry and for that I've lost all respect for Miyamoto. He may have helped create gaming and what it is today, but he sure doesn't care about it.

LeonSKennedy4Life3872d ago

Three words:


LeonSKennedy4Life3872d ago

But Sony has actually stayed IN the handheld market, something they knew nothing about.

Odds are, if the PS3 pulls through and outsells the Wii and 360, which it undoubtedly will, the PSP 2 and PS4 will put Sony back in their place as the king of gaming.

ChickeyCantor3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

" After Wii Fit releases, there's no reason to get one of these things except to impress your relatives, and everybody's already done that.
" know i bet you also said this with ZELDA, then With mario, Then with Brawl and now with wii fit.

Its not dying, its just wishful thinking.
now get a grip.

" The Wii has made a mockery of the industry"
no you have made a mockery of yourself.
you think you are so important that they only should be making games for you.
I say : GFYS =)!

" the PSP 2 and PS4 will put Sony back in their place as the king of gaming.
People also said the Wii wont sell at all....and now you think you know what actually would happen in the future?! have resurrected the stupidity of a gamer.

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