Blu-Ray sales tank for good reasons

BLU-RAY PLAYER SALES are sucking wind as well they should. According to Cnet, sales of the DRM infected format players are dropping like rocks.

The not so bright people out there had expected sales to skyrocket once the format war was done, but it didn't. They thought was people would ignore the massive defects of Blu-ray and buy like the dumb sheep that they are, handcuffing themselves to the Sony bank account.

Surprise, it didn't happen.

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ruibing3875d ago

Well I think it has more to do with the lack of high quality action titles, non-holiday season, and the limits of HD penetration in the US market.

For all those people who claim upconverting DVD players are good enough, I would really like to ask them how in the world a device can magically make pixels appear out of thin air. That's like taking a blurry picture or a heavily compressed MP3 file and being able to interpolate something better out of it.

In the end, this editorial sounds like nothing more than an angry former HD-DVD supported.

Breakfast3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

He sure did make blu-ray look bad....

Upconverting works really well. Ive tested it out. Of course it doesnt look as good as Blu-ray but, its sure as hell close. I dont know how or why (i guess thin air works). I havent tried 7.1 sound so i wouldnt know about that...

Blu-ray is obviously better, but up-converting is not as bad as some people say.

Panthers3875d ago

upconverting doesnt look nearly as good for me. Its all grainy and stuff.

jackdoe3875d ago

I agree with Panthers. For the most part, it looks grainy. However, there are a few DVD releases that feature top notch transfers which don't look as grainy when they are upscaled, Casino Royale being one of them.

Silellak3875d ago

Question about upscaling for people smarter than me:

I have a 73 inch 1080p DLP, - the Mitsubishi 73734. It supposedly upscales all incoming signals to 1080p (which makes sense), so is there any use in getting an upscaling DVD player? Or should I just let my TV handle the scaling?

I do think that DVDs of movies shot in high definition look very, very good on the TV (due to the upscaling, I imagine) while older movies aren't quite as nice.

crck3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

They looked ok on my old 30" lcd. Looked bad on my 46" lcd. Looked down right horrible on my projector. As the average tv size continues to increase the worse upscaled dvds will look in comparison. As for this article the guy is just a dumb @ss. People are buying ps3s as blu-ray players. Ps3 sales have increased almost 3x from the same time last year.

jackdoe3875d ago

You should ask your question on the forum. Some of those guys really know their stuff and they'd be happy to help you.

jadenkorri3875d ago

example, loading on my blu ray movies seems just the same as dvds, i never really noticed over long loads as he stated, i have a ps3, maybe that why, maybe its faster than blue ray players by them selfs but im not sure, he seems a little pissed, i can see it in his writing...Retail outlets are selling blue ray movies at such a high price, i seen open season at 59.99 for blue ray, i was like holy f*&k, thats a game, never seen a movie sell for 60 bucks... shop on amazon for any movie, its cheaper...

Gorgon3875d ago

"Question about upscaling for people smarter than me:

I have a 73 inch 1080p DLP, - the Mitsubishi 73734. It supposedly upscales all incoming signals to 1080p (which makes sense), so is there any use in getting an upscaling DVD player? Or should I just let my TV handle the scaling?

I do think that DVDs of movies shot in high definition look very, very good on the TV (due to the upscaling, I imagine) while older movies aren't quite as nice."

Depends on how good your TV upscales. Some DVD players are really good at upscalling, others not. The same happens with TVs. But usually a good DVD upscaler offers a better picture than letting your TV do the upscalling.

As for DVDs, they do look good upscaled, but obviously not as good as a top-notch transfer. Also, you don't need movies shot in HD to have 1080p with quality. In fact 32mm film has more info than what you can put in 1080p. The problem is with transfering that info, which is based in scanning the film master. The better the scanning technology the better the transfer to digital, be it DVD or 1080p.

Hope that helps.

deeznuts3875d ago

Silellak, better yet, head over to AVSFORUM. From what I recall, one of the Toshiba HD DVD players (can't remember which one) is the best upconverter, while the PS3 has gotten fairly close recently with updates. This is from non-gamers, so no format company bias for sure. They'll pimp their grandma for better picture quality.

At 73" though, you will definitely notice the difference between Blu-Ray and upconverted DVDs. Upconverted DVDs look like trash on my Mitsu HD1000u (Dlp front projector).

otherZinc3875d ago

that is going to be the same every single time you see it, is friggin ridiculous!

I'll never have one.

fjtorres3875d ago

Google it up kid, it is a very real technique.
So, yes, upscaling is for real.

Now, just how better it is depends on the *material* you're upscaling and what you compare it to.

For starters, if you compare upscaled DVD to the early BD releases encoded with MPEG2 to justify the "need" for a 50GB format, you'll find no visible difference.

On the other hand, if you compare it to a movie encoded with VC1 or H264 you'll see a difference favoring BD because the advanced Codecs do a better job encoding color spaces than MPEG2. Upscaling can do wonders with resolution but it can't do much for color purity.

And graininess?
A function of the material again; a *lot* of movies are filmed with a soft focus to give it a "warm" grainy look because the director likes it that way. Its purely an artistic choice; SKY CAPTAIN, for example is extremely grainy and soft (by design) on all formats even though the movie is all digital.

If you have a PC just dig up ffdshow and play with its upscaling features to see what upscaling can or can't do. Just don't rely on the HDTV set's built-in scalers to judge the technology; most are mediocre to poor.

There is a whole industry of premium quality upscalers out there that can truly challenge BD image quality and even improve on it if you're willing to pay. And with the BD disks going for nearly double of their SD DVD kindred, it doesn't take many movies to justify the cost of the dedicated upscaler.

Kojima touches kids3875d ago

Upscaling DVD is fantastic. It is however dependant on how good the encoding was on the DVD in the first place.

A good example is The Shawshank redemption. Great film but the DVD transfer was really bad. It looks okay in SD but when upscaled it looks like crap. It's the single disc edition released a few years ago. I think they brought out a 3-disk special edition with a better transfer.

This also applies to Blu-ray. There are two versions of The Fifth Element on Blu-ray. The first one released was a complete screw-up. It actually looked worse than the original DVD version upscaled. The second release was a massive improvement but still not a huge leap over DVD.

Thats why people don't care for Blu-ray. It's an improvement, just not that much better than upscaled DVD in general.

MADGameR3875d ago

Looks like MS slipped them a nice check lol!

yesah3875d ago

this guy obviously has some grudge against BR, ive never seen a DVD-Fanboy before.

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jackdoe3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Lol. Sounds like the writer was an HD-DVD fanboy. Anyway, NO ONE pays 29.99 for a Blu-ray movie. Well, let me correct that. IDIOTS pay 29.99 (probably the same idiots that bought Blu-ray to use on an SD-TV). Any reasonable person would realize that Blu-ray movies sell for 20 bucks a pop on Amazon for the most part, not that big of a far cry from DVD, which is why I'm buying Blu-ray for the rest of my future releases, like Iron Man and Dark Knight (cannot wait for those releases actually).

Silellak3875d ago

In his defense, HD-DVD WAS the better-thought-out format. It had many features long before Blu-ray offered them. HD-DVD just had somewhat less space than a Blu-ray disc.

However, with the PS3-trojan-horse strategy, it really didn't matter. Since every PS3 sold was also a Blu-ray player sold, the instant the PS3 dropped to the reasonable $400 price, HD-DVD's days were numbered.

jackdoe3875d ago

I wouldn't say HD-DVD was the better thought out, just the product that was actually released in a finished form to market. Blu-ray was released in an incomplete form, and only recently, with BD 2.0 has it been finished.

wow4u3875d ago


You cannot read BluRay discs in your existing DVD players.
You can read HD-DVD discs in your existing DVD players.

That issue alone makes BluRay "less thought out" -- unless of course you're in the business of selling BluRay players.

LastDance3875d ago

does that mean my ps3 is incomplete?

No home.
No cross media bar?

unless they were already in the process of developing Bd.2.0 before the first blu ray playes were made i wouldnt call it incomplete.

jackdoe3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Sigh. Blu-ray player incomplete does not mean PS3 is incomplete. And they WERE in the process of developing BD 2.0 when BD 1.0 hit the market. In fact, they had a diagram of their release. And N4user, you are a complete idiot. Plain and simple. Did Cd-players play DVDs? Did 8-tracks play cds? No. And the reason is CHANGE OF MEDIA FORMAT.

SL1M DADDY3875d ago

Um, just to correct you on something...

You can only play HD-DVD's that have the "DVD" version of the movie on them in your DVD player and you will not gat an HD picture by doing so. It's just that in some cases, the companies would equip the HD-DVD with the DVD version for dual media play.

ravinash3875d ago

DVD players can't play HD-DVD disks.
The big improvement that occurred to make the High Dev formats possible was they started using blue light in the laser instead of red light which was what the DVD players uses.
Because of the different wave length, this causes the track to a smaller size and so can fit more on.
So the red laser on a normal DVD player is too big to read the small track.

JasonXE3875d ago

"However, with the PS3-trojan-horse strategy, it really didn't matter. Since every PS3 sold was also a Blu-ray player sold, the instant the PS3 dropped to the reasonable $400 price, HD-DVD's days were numbered."

Ahh i remember how all that took place.

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v1c1ous3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

why buy a high priced movie player with a new format when a dvd looks "just fine" for joe average, specially with this economy?

now josh average, joe average's son, bought a ps-tripple and can watch blu-rays on that. so sure josh is buying blu-ray movies, but joe average and his other adult friends stick to dvd.

blu-ray disc sales are allright, standalone players....ehh...not so much.

jackdoe3875d ago

Huh? Why wouldn't Joe Average use Josh Average's PS3 as well? IT IS THERE after all.

Fallen_Angel3875d ago

I agree the economy has doomed blu ray. It doesnt matter how good it looks. When more and more people are having a hard time just getting by. With gas at 4 dollars a gallon and goin up and along with it the price of everying else. Plus more and more people are out of work. So trying to get the average joe to spend 1000 dollars on a new tv and 400 on a player and 30 buck a pop on movies isnt going to go over well.

v1c1ous3875d ago

josh average is going through that teenager phase we all go through where they can't stand their parents and is currently not speaking to joe average because he got caught smoking.

oh joe average does use josh average's ps-tripple for blu-ray movies once in a while, but he's not going to go out and buy his own blu-ray stand-alone player because of this. and when josh is playing warhawk, joe average sits down and puts in a dvd he bought from walmart for $5 from the DVD bargain bin...and he likes it.

Chuck Norris3875d ago

So which Average are you? Joe or Josh?

TapiocaMilkTea3875d ago

That explains why Bluray isn't doing so well, josh averages will not have money to buy anything after buying GTA4.

potenquatro3875d ago

@VICIOS.ur 3.3 story.aaah sigh.the's gonna get harder for josh avarege when his dad finds empty beer cans under the bed,and the pot next to the condoms and the gun u where holding for ur friend.that ps3 might get confiscated.

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spec_ops_comm3875d ago

Allow me to give a quote from this article:

"..Until it is abolished, just say no to Blu-ray and spend your money elsewhere, try books for example."

Yes, because reading a book is the same as watching a movie?

[/Inquirer credibility]

40cal3875d ago

Blu-Ray players are not going to sell well during the year. Its still new tech. The holiday season will give a nice boost though.

I have not bought a new Blu-Ray movie after I Am Legend. There just is not alot of great movies coming out right now.