The Top 7 GTA IV Easter Eggs (So Far)

It's only been a week since Grand Theft Auto IV shipped, and already, lots of gamers have switched their attention from completing the game's missions to ferreting out its many hidden secrets. And while finding all the flying rats or stunt jumps is cool, the real holy grails for secret-hunters are the Easter eggs deliberately scattered throughout the game for eagle-eyed fans to uncover.

Games Radar are sure there's still a lot left to be found in the dank corners and high-rise roofs of the new, ridiculously detailed Liberty City, but already an impressive amount of stuff has been discovered. Here's the best of what's been unearthed so far.

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RecSpec3875d ago

First decent Games Radar list I've seen in awhile.

themyk3875d ago

the stroller was my favorite.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3874d ago

I seen a glowing bird, I havn't figured out how to get to it but it's a bird on a ledge and it glows like a weapon.

crimsonfox3874d ago

packages just shoot them they go poof you get notice^_^ happy flyingrat hunting

Nevers3874d ago

have only seen one though so far... must be a huge hunt.

jinn3874d ago

whats with the easter eggs