Ars Technica Game Review: echochrome

Ars technica writes: "Thanks to the overabundance of cheap puzzle games in the wake of the "match three" revolution, such games have become "less M.C. Escher and more M.C. Hammer": commerce is winning over art. That's why echochrome is such a charming title, as it aspires to be "Escher" both literally and figuratively.

The premise is simple, but play becomes quite complex. By rotating the environment and dealing with the laws of perspective, you move a walking man about a complicated Escher-like level. As the game explains, "In this world, what you see becomes the truth." If there is a hole in your way, you simply move the world until you can't see it and it ceases to exist. An impossible jump is made possible just by rotating the camera to make it seem so."

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