TGR: The Bourne Conspiracy Demo Impressions

"Chances are that you've either seen or have a friend who has seen the Borne movie series. The films, starring Matt Damon and loosely based on the novels by Robert Ludlum, paint the portrait of a man without a past who knows nothing about himself but is determined to discover why he seems to be a natural-born killing machine, as well as someone who is being hunted by basically every government agency in every country. Now that gamers have seen Jason Bourne unravel his past, it is time for them to experience it firsthand in The Bourne Conspiracy."

Via TheGameReviews

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Lord Vader3875d ago

Cool. Will ck out the demo tonite.

avacadosnorkel3875d ago

and a limited budget. So I never buy more than 1 game per year, per publisher. So if Sierra makes this game and I pick it up then I can't buy another Sierra game this year. And Sierra is putting out Ghostbusters so I can't buy Bourne.

This way I get variety and financial relief.

cain1413875d ago

Not sure I agree with your theory...