It Ain't Over Yet, Yahoo investors seek Microsoft return

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc's shares tumbled on Monday as investors punished the company for rejecting Microsoft Corp's $47.5 billion bid, though the fall was cushioned by hopes a deal may still be possible.

Shares of Yahoo fell as much as 20 percent in early Nasdaq trading before recovering some to trade at $24.47, still down 14 percent and far below the $33-per-share Microsoft offer.

"I think at $24, the stock's overvalued as a standalone Yahoo," said Mike Binger, a fund manager at Thrivent Financial, which owned both Yahoo and Microsoft shares.

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Bladestar3872d ago

lol... I sold my shares like 1 month ago when I saw that pride and anti-microsoft got in the business sense of Yahoo board of directors... I knew it was going to cause yahoo to sink... sink baby sink!

Yeah.. Yeah.. I know bla bla bla microsoft sucks and Yahoo should fight against evil... sadly investors don't seem to share the same anti-microsoft emotions that many have in this site...

damn... I wish they had a glambling system about predicting how low shares would go... I'll say Yahoo shares will drop another 20% in the in a week...

Soon, share holders will beg microsoft to bid again... and I'm sure microsoft will get a better lower price... thanks to the hard headed anti-microsoft losers on Yahoo board of directors... When it gets really low (again) I will buy again... since Yahoo will be adquired by microsoft... innevitable...

d3l33t3872d ago

sink? they are 15% higher than January 30th (the day MS offered to buy it)

Spinner3872d ago

BladeSpin, you have to be 18+ to to own stocks. :P

PR0NE3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

really, 3fixme pointed out an important point...

deeznuts3872d ago

Not if you have a custodial account, sorta. Stocks are yours now, but not turned over to you until you reach a certain age.

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kewlkat0073872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )


I knew this was going to happen...Yahoo got Balls and thought MS was gonna offer more than the suggested bid or even at $37 where they would of been satisfied.

Seems like MS is not budging, this could come back sting yahoo in the @rse. Shareholders have a lot of power and of course they like money. Yahoo would have to prove it's worth more than MS is offering or continue to sink.

If they do not, then that is money lost on the investment. Not Pretty if you own shares. You may never get another offer close to what MS is offering. Tough spot Yahoo but I'am for competition so overhaul your business to compete with google.

v1c1ous3872d ago

see those tabs on top of the site?

H-V-H3872d ago

I must be going blind.

My bad.

misterssippi3872d ago

The offer was more than fair. Microsoft could have gone the hostile takeover route, but they decided to keep things above the table. Yahoo can't compete with google without some big tech backing. They will have to sell to someone eventually and I doubt they will offer the olive branch that Microsoft was handing them.
After all, Microsoft could always just keep working to perfect MSN. Its not like they really need yahoo.
There aren't glaring differences between AOL, Yahoo, & MSN anyway.

jinn3871d ago

google will be doomed soon