Project Offset Going PC exclusive?

Ever since Intel purchased the Project Offset development team, much controversy has emerged about the release of the game. Namely, what platforms it would be coming to.

A recent video might shed some light on the matter...

Remi Arnaud, Senior Graphics Architect and Manager of the Game Engine Technology team at Intel says, "We're not limtied by the issues most developers have to deal with. As a game developer, you have to sell your game on the PS3, you have to sell it on the Xbox, because that's where the money is. That means you're limited because those platforms are old now. And so, what's comign out now is brand-new and so much bettter and all kinds of things that are not possible if you have to include cross-platform into your roadmap..."

Sounds like Intel's shying away from putting this game on the consoles and wants to take advantage of PC hardware, what else is going on behind the lines? Perhaps this is related to Intel's upcoming Larabee graphics platform?

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Fishy Fingers3873d ago

Harsh if it is. But Intel are all about saving the PC right now, and sticking a big game like this on the consoles ain't going to help they're cause.

They're more interested in prolonging the life of PC gaming that just cashing in off one game.

Silver3603872d ago

If it is anything like what they said it will be. This game will be pirated like crazy. And that is the problem with PC gaming. People will get the game and never pay. So sure ignore the PS3 and the 360, they may be old systems as he says in the interview. But they are the only place where a Hi def games will make money.

tony3873d ago

out on consoles sooner or later.

M337ING3873d ago

Not with Intel backing it.

Mr Marbles3872d ago

it may be out on 360 as originally planned in time, but it will NEVER see the light of day on PS3, most of the cream of the crop western developers skip the PS3 because of its obvious deficiencies as a gaming platform.

Only money chasing developers like EA and Ubi develope games on all platforms because they largely value cash and stock prices over the art of game development

Ghoul3872d ago

@ marbles

you have no clue
neither of gamedevelopment nor how to finanz a company, move along please.

"most of the cream of the crop western developers skip the PS3 because of its obvious deficiencies as a gaming platform. " - what a waste of brainpower to read that.

pwnsause3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

correction Mr. Marbles, its intel. they wont allow it.


dont listen to him, he was born with the spins, get it.

sak5003872d ago

@ Tony agreed.
@ meeting . Yeah and if devs see sales of few 100k of their multi million $ project (no pun intended) what would they do? Sad to say but pc games are not getting even half the numbers of the console parts, unless its strictly online cuz of piracy.

M337ING3872d ago

Its not the devs. Intel will be making money from their graphics chips, which they'll be marketing this game with. They'll more than make up for the cost of development if it ends up successfully pushing them in the video market.

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DFresh3873d ago

I don't really care i wish it was coming to console preferably the PS3 but I'll play it on my Apple Mac Book instead which I'm getting for my Senior High School Graduation Gift for college.

socomnick3873d ago

Dont put mac and gaming in the same sentence.

DFresh3873d ago

Dumb F*** you can play games on a Mac don't hate just game and stop being a fan boy, xbot.

Mr Marbles3872d ago

Pfresh, the only dumbfuk here is you, everyone who does not see the world exactly like you does not have to be an "xbot". Some people are just not stupid enough to worship all things Sony, or anything non microsoft. Your a mindless hack and it is obvious, go fold at home, the internet has enough idiots.

pwnsause3872d ago

Mr. Marbles your the only one whos the dumb f$$k here, now go back to your xbot cave. lmao

DomUltra3872d ago

Yeah Mr.Marbles, your the champion of idiocy, calling some one else an idiot just makes you look like a bigger ass given your history here at N4G, go play some games on your Xbox 360, what's left at least.

Ghoul3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

The problem pc gaming faces these days is NOT the lack of gpu intense games like project offset. In fact those games are the problem.
People are tyred of buying a setup for 1-2 games, almost everyone who bought a new rig when Crysis was released and only got crysis in return.
ut3 cod4 runs prefectly well on my 7950gx2 in 1680x1080, so i didnt update for 1 game (crysis)

That is a horrible return for min 800$ you spend on such a rig, even more when you update on time of the release.
Intel should start reducing theyre pricemodel and get into gamespublishing, thats the only way to sell cheap hardware and subventionise the costs through games sales.

sak5003872d ago

U gotta be joking. I also have 7950GX2 XFX o/c to 590/1300 and C2D E6600 @ 3.4ghz. COD4 demo ran like $hit giving 20fps even at 1440x900 of my WS monitor.

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