The Witcher coming to Playstation 3?

Earlier today we were already informed that a console port of the game is making excellent progress, albeit they couldn't give a specific launch date for that one, also there wasn't given a specific next-gen console.
But it look's like there already is an PS3 version planned.
Cause CD Projekt, the makers of 'The Witcher' are actually searching for a PS3 programmer.

Hit the link for the evidence.

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Polluted3877d ago

These job postings are sketchy news sources, but it would be cool to see a PS3 port of this game.

Richdad3876d ago

This is comin the both PS3 and 360, only Ps3 programmers are demanded since obvious reasons and 360 version any one who works on PC can work on 360 so why to waste money on a extra programmer.

Dnarbeis3877d ago

I know, but i really hope for a PS3 bouth Xbox360 port.

heyheyhey3877d ago


i missed this on PC, might check it out

Dark General3877d ago

Nice, i do hope it comes to the Ps3 it'd be a welcome RPG. Or as Yahtzee would say a Mumorpuger.

heyheyhey3877d ago


bubbles, Yahtzee is awesome

kingme713877d ago

If they are just now hiring a PS3 developer, still would be a ways off until they had a PS3 product unless they are just adding to their already existing PS3 staff.

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The story is too old to be commented.