Are GTA Sales Disappointing Already?

Are sales of GTA IV, Take-Two Interactive's (TTWO) much-hyped game, not living up to expectations?

The game went on sale last Tuesday, amid a lot of breathless hype. But the market doesn't share the enthusiasm shared by gamers and game reviewers: TTWO is trading at just below $26. That's down about 1% for the day, and down 3% from where it opened Tuesday morning.

Take-Two could cheer investors up by releasing sales stats -- last fall, Microsoft (MSFT) was handing out sales data within two days of Halo 3's release -- but so far management has been mum.

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter can't figure it out. "No sales numbers yet, again baffling," he tells us via e-mail: "One would think Take-Two wants to brag, but apparently that's not the case."

So what's happening? You got us. The only thing we do know: Take-Two management doesn't just need to see good numbers out of GTA -- it needs to see fantastic numbers. Or else it's going to have a very hard time defending its decision to turn down Electronic Arts' (ERTS) $2 billion offer.

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Drekken3875d ago

somebody cant hold on to thier panties!!! Patience!!!!!!!!

Silellak3875d ago

Well, if Patcher thinks sales of GTA4 were bad, then based on his historic level of accuracy...

...they're probably phenomenal.

M337ING3875d ago

Who are you kidding, he thought they were going to be huge. :P

pharmd3875d ago

i dont think the sales are disappointing at all, but i do think the game is!!!

just my opinion tho, i guess im guaranteeing disagrees

lsujester3875d ago

I don't know. I can see his point in that you would think that TT would already be screaming out sales numbers. Maybe it's possible that these estimated sales numbers were inflated. I know it's no sign of anything, but very few of my Live friends have been playing it the last few days. Actually, I really wouldn't be overly surprised if they were a bit short than the huge predicted numbers. This game doesn't seem to have as many crazies worshiping it or the huge media blitz that Halo 3 did.

But then again, maybe it's taking some time to actually get accurate sales numbers. Massive simultaneous worldwide launch on two different consoles... could get a bit confusing.

Ovidius3875d ago

No matter what you say, you're usually bound to get disagrees.

jessupj3875d ago

lmao! and you got disagrees for that. I'm still laughing

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Fishy Fingers3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

If that's the case expect Take Two/R* to be under EA mighty soon.

Still the game hasnt even been out a week, give it a chance.

Wildarmsjecht3875d ago

Yea, we know T2 needs GTA. We know EA wants to grab them up ASAP. But come the hell on people, not everyone is like MS who was compelled to let everyone know how well Halo did. I mean, the 5 months of non stop ads and drinks and burger king sh!t would've given anyone an idea that they were gonna ride that pony ridiculously. Give T2 some time. I expect GTA sales to be phenomenal within it's first week. And even better once its had a good month out. But those expecting 432423423423423 in it's first day are morons. Like Patcher maybe.

kira9893875d ago

The Kiddies are still tryin to convince thier mommies that its ok to buy it...

avacadosnorkel3875d ago

they might be the only ones who think it's the greatest because they haven't seen anything like it before. But I've seen hookers killed in video games and foul language. I've played the open world stuff and I'm not in AWE like this is the second coming. But to a little kid who doesn't know better I'm sure this game is a 10

aaquib3875d ago

I can't wait for April and May's NPD to shut all these analysts up. For damn sakes, it hasn't been a week!