Bye-bye, lead foot: a GTA IV driving guide

Ah, Grand Theft Auto IV. It's perhaps the biggest release in the history of video games, and it has received near-universal acclaim - well, that's except for a few facets: namely, the multiplayer and the driving. Regarding that second point, I received a couple of emails earlier this week asking about a "driving guide" that I had supposedly written up, and I also saw a number of comments wondering when it would be released. I had no idea how word of it got out until I noticed Jim's "Second Jimpressions" blog, in which he mentioned the "ridiculously lengthy tutorial on car turning" that I had written in a staff emailer.

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CViper3872d ago

Use Brakes, and common sense.

Realize its not a gocart.

TheExecutive3872d ago

Take your fricking time. YOu cant have realistic physics everywhere else but the cars... that would kill the worlds immersion factor.

use the brake, quit whining, and get good at the driving.

Ghoul3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

If you see a corner BREAK and then apply a tender push to the handbrake and throttle imediatly after that that wy you hardly loose controll and even if you start sliding it is a very controllable slide.

That way i can easily rush through alderney without hitting any cars neither in corners nor in red trafficlights with a bunch of cars in front of it

gta4 driving model is awesome take your friggin time, incredible how people want a "topspeedcornerwithnobrea k" game.

ECM0NEY3872d ago

Ive even seen comments about people quiting and hating the game because of the driving.

themyk3872d ago

i've got an idea. quit being fkucking noobs. and adapt.
or how about this idea. slow down when you take turns. you know kind of like real life.

sorry you can't turn corners with the e brake at full speed.

god people suck. i'm a king driver. and i wouldn't change anything about the driving.

anyone who complains about this is just owning them self's

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The story is too old to be commented.