No GTA IV effect on Iron Man opening

Joystiq reports: Talk of Grand Theft Auto IV possibly hurting Iron Man's opening was clearly wrong. According to Variety, the movie made $104.2 million during its opening weekend, proving Paramount's Rob Moore right when he said that young males can carve out two hours to see Iron Man.

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Danja3879d ago

Best Super-hero movie since Spiderman 2.....well until Batman comes out...

dachiefsman3879d ago

I agree with yea....I was really pleased with this movie....granted I went into the theatre with lower expectations.....

CViper3879d ago

Its big, but it aint that big.

vloeistof3879d ago

the dark knight will pwn it.

and harry potter 6 will pwn all :( :P ( sales wise)

Ureval3879d ago

Does everyone know why this whole silly debate started? Its cause Halo 3 came out the same week as THE HEARTBREAK KID. So stupid. Hollywood blames video games for hurting the box office of a movie that didnt look interesting anyways.

Guess Ironman disproves that theory.

Interesting tidbit. Wikipedia has Downey Jr listed as playing Tony Stark in the upcoming Hulk movie. !!!

Mozilla893879d ago

Edward Norton is playing the Hulk not Robert Downey Jr, just looked it up on IMDB. I was really pleased with the movie over all and no it didnt affect me buying GTA the next day. lol It was a good movie to get the series going, better than Spiderman 1 just wish I would have stayed past the credits to see the foreshadowing of the Avengers movie.

3879d ago
Mozilla893879d ago

There's gonna be a cameo from Iron Man in the movie? That would be cool.

PSWe603879d ago

Can't wait till Dark Knight premiers!

(clears throat)


MK_Red3879d ago

That film will pwn all. The Dark Knight will be THE best movie EVER.

"Why So Serious!?"

PSWe603879d ago


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