New version of infamous HL2 texture mod imminent

Fakefactory Cinematic Mod 8 is available within the next 2 days, the author says. The texture modification for Half-Life 2 got some mixed feedback with version 7, even at N4G. Now the mod tries to cure some bugs with reduced HDR usage and other features. The first screenshots may be seen on German website PCGH.

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MK_Red3639d ago

What does this mod exactly? Aside from the shot shown here, I don't get the point of this whole mod.

TheIneffableBob3639d ago

It adds more detailed textures, adds some music, changes some sounds, and basically tries to make the game more "cinematic" than it already is.

PikkonX3639d ago

I'm not sure what it does either, but I'd rather stick to the normal model of Alyx over those two.

hay3639d ago

I like the "old" Alyx better.

Khan6133639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Infamous?? Why is it infamous? The mod is bloody brilliant!

I could not STAND playing EP2 because good old HL2 with the Cinematic Mod from FakeFactory looked and sounded so incredible.

Playing EP2 was (graphically) a step backward. So I waited for FF to make cinematic mod 6/7 - which now updates HL2, EP1 and EP2.

The mods are huge but the well worth the download. The link below as a more complete list of his work.

skynidas3639d ago

That version of Alyx scares me

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