'Pure' Developer Disagrees About Starting On PS3 First

On Friday we explained why Terminal Reality decided to focus on PlayStation 3 from the get go, but that's not the approach for most studios. For many, Xbox 360 remains the lead platform.

, we sat down with MTV Multiplayer last week to see a short demo of Disney's upcoming off-road "SSX"-meets-ATV racing title "Pure." Between loading screens, we probed "Pure" game director Jason Avent, part of Disney's Blackrock Studio in the UK, about his team's development approach.

Blackrock has always started development on Xbox 360. That approach wasn't altered for "Pure," and Avent's team haven't had any regrets.

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THE_JUDGE3879d ago

Just stop holding back the PS3 version and making cuts to games because the 360 can't handle it. Plain and simple, good a good job all around!

Genesis53879d ago

Well if they only want to sell their games in the US. I would say lead with the 360. If they want to sell them around the world then they are going to have to put more effort into the PS3.

cloud3603879d ago

doesnt MTV and MS work together in the music industry

Panthers3879d ago

PS3 is outselling teh 360 in the US now, so that might change

sak5003879d ago

yes dont hold back for 360 give the ps3 gamers 6 hours gameplay on their BD just like HS and Resistance. Dont forget to put more than 8 tracks like motorstorm cuz it was restricted by being developed on 360. Oh and dont make games for 360 like lair cuz thats only possible with ps3 because of its super power.

poopsack3879d ago

keep it up, and go make love to your copy of that game you praise so much that lags online with only 6 players and has pop up, a game that also plays for 5 hours. When I play Metal Gear Solid 4, those will be the best 20 gameplay filled hours of my life, along with an hour or two of top notch cinematic cut scenes. Bye now.

Amanosenpai3879d ago

Just... STOP the crappy ports...

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Anything but Cute3879d ago

PS3 would of either of made a serious push or not. Developers still don't feel comfortable leading on PS3 when the 360 market is so rich. Just look at software sales especially in the United States.

PS3 needs to have a big year if they ever want more developers making games on PS3, if not they will continue to get crappy ports from the majority of the developers.

The pressure is still on PS3 not 360. I'm a little disappointed that Sony hasn't come out more aggressive this year. We've seen a price drop in Europe already from the 360 when it's really the PS3 that should have more urgency.

wolfehound223879d ago

Well I do agree in part that Sony is under more pressure than 360, but it has been outselling the 360 worldwide by a steady margin this year. So I do believe there under pressure but the user base is getting larger.

Lucreto3879d ago

Ps3 has to prove itself but things have changed since last year. The PS3 dev kit is getting cheaper all the time and Insomniac Nocturnal project continues to help.

I believe the PS3 should be the lead platform as it is more difficult to program. From there they improve there skill on both platform and get the most out of each. Since 360 sells more (by achievement whores)it can subsidies the PS3 version if it doesn't sell that well.

devilhunterx3879d ago

USA does not equal to the whole world.

tfur3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

Look forward to seeing Resistance 2 AND Killzone 2 this week...

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BIoodmask3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

Usually games are made on PC first then put on the dev kit, a good example of this is Devil May Cry 4. With 360 and PC architecture 360 being so similar it is very cost effective for developers.

Overall, Microsoft did a good job offering good toolsets and assistance to developers for ease of game making. At the end of the day profit is number one for games producers.

A_PimpNamedSlikBak3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

Then they better not expect huge sales from the PS3 fanbase. Gamers are smarter nowadays and the PS3 fanbase is tired of shoddy ports from other consoles, so they aren't buying they're shoddy games its that simple. Chuuuuuuuuch.

power of Green 3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

Game looks sick. Terminal Reality" gets big Sony paychecks and Sony owns much of that IP rather it be movie or anything else it doesn't matter devs have lied about PS3 before.

Go read that post again and pay attention to what he says about PS3's SPE's and how he talks cores etc. He goes on to say the 360 is causing less objects when the PS3 is known to have objects missing in its versions of multi plat games.

wass0073879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

Hahahahaha loser grow up just cuz every1s prefering the ps3 no need to cry to mummy now XD and pure looks like crap anyways lmao!!! frikin motorstorm ripoff!!!

Varsarus3879d ago

"He goes on to say the 360 is causing less objects when the PS3 is known to have objects missing in its versions of multi plat games"

You pretty much answered your own statement, it's funny.

The PS3 version will obviously have missing objects in multiplatform games because the 360 can't handle more, it's like with the peds and cars in GTA IV (which is a 360 port to PS3 btw), although I don't exactly know which version has more, but I wouldn't be surprised if the PS3 does.

Overall, the PS3 version will be dumbed down in order for the 360 to save itself from having a sonic boom in your room.

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