GameZone: Wild Earth: African Safari Review

Young gamers will rarely be challenged by Wild Earth: African Safari and, while there are some interesting lessons to learn, the repetitive gameplay make this a game they will only want to play once. There are fun mini-games and co-op works well, but ultimately this game falls short in the gameplay department.

Gameplay - 5.0
Graphics - 4.5
Sound - 6.0
Difficulty - Easy
Concept - 5.0
Multiplayer - 5.5
Overall -

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sak5003879d ago

Oh any another subpar game on wii. Whats new? Btw this reminds me of Africa for ps3 what happened? It was shown even before the launch of ps3.

ChickeyCantor3879d ago


This game got awards for the PC version WAY BACK before Africa was anounced for the PS3.....

KeiZka3878d ago

Hm, they've relegated you to here once again. "Gee".