XBLA Wednesday: Wits & Wagers

After a week-long hiatus due to the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, Microsoft's weekly Xbox Live Arcade update will return in full force this Wednesday with the addition of Wits & Wagers.

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DarkSniper3874d ago

This is more unoriginal content for Xbox Live Arcade. Each title has proven to be bland, unoriginal and downright boring. Dark Sniper truly appreciates the innovation that Sony brings to the table with their Playstation Network exclusive titles. Microslaves once again get shafted with garbage software to combine with their garbage hardware.


Bladestar3874d ago

This comes from a Sony fanboy that does not even have a wallmart near by to even have a close look at what the xbox 360 looks like.
Please don't compare PSN to xbox live... not even developers do... everytime 1 PSN game comes out 50 xbox live arcade games are release... I can name like 30 xbox live arcade game worth buying...starting with Geometry wars, Uno... can you name more than 5 on PSN? yeah... I it's what I thought..