Metal Gear Solid 4: Probable new features and Info.

Snake's Tale might be in its final stages, but the hype surrounding it seems to be growing at an unprecedented level. The community has waited with bated breath and digested the release of every ounce of gameplay, trailers, retrospective chronicles arising from the stables of Kojima productions, and this syndrome of hype seems spiraling choke gamers out of their last ounce of breath. Well adding fuel to fire, here are a few healthy does of petrol to douse (or rather flame) expectations about the game further.

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AlterEgo3723d ago

can't believe i just read that


UnblessedSoul3723d ago

I've read it and I like it didn't spoil alot which is good

dady50003723d ago

woah woah woah wait what?

A cross-branding of Assassins creed and MGS?????


jackhammer063723d ago

I Don't believe a word these guys write......Utter BS....

Somnus3723d ago

I think they have the middle eastern "cloak" snake wears mixed up with the April fools joke.

Wildarmsjecht3723d ago

-Leaving this thread. Will not read any article relating to MGS4 unless it's an official interview with Kojima or Payton.-

Jack Meahoffer3723d ago

- Runs in 640p native
- Multiplayer broken for several weeks after release just like COD4, V6V2, TF2 and GTA IV
- 10 hours actual play time
- 45GB of cutscences

Dave20013723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

1.who cares if the game runs in 640p well i for one don't all i want is to get my hands on the game.

2.How could the on-line part of GTA4 be broken for several weeks when it has only been released a few days ago?

3.Actually it's been said that this is the longest Metal Gear game ever so it's more than 10 hours probably around the 20 to 30 hour mark maybe even more.:p's actually 50 GB and not just cut-scenes but as most of the game is not compressed.:)

darkside3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

sounds alot like HALO3

heyheyhey3723d ago


ok your usually good, but that was just poor and you know it

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The story is too old to be commented.