EA and Harmonix Announce Track Pack Volume 1

In a press release sent out today, EA and Harmonix have announced that Rock band for the Playstation 2 and Nintendo Wii will get a track pack. The new Track Pack features 20 songs and will be available July 15th.

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redwingsrock3873d ago

where do you save the song on your ps2? on your 8mb memory card?!? unless it's a usb flash drive there stored on or something that's the only way i can see this work

kurochi3872d ago

exactly what I was thinking....

Tempist3872d ago

Now only if they would offer those 20 songs to PS3 / 360 users for that price as well. I'd buy it (since I don't have any of those yet).

sleepbox3872d ago

Yea, they are getting a discount there.

DevonTheDude5353872d ago

Stupid for EA and Harmonix not to release this on Xbox 360 and PS3, not everyone has Live or the PSN to download songs, this would be good for those people. And why only 20 songs, there are over 60 DLC songs available.

djt233872d ago

because it is one of many pack that might come out
and 20 is a good deal

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