The Big Issue: PC Gaming isn't dead, it's just changing writes: "Having dug a little deeper I'm somewhat reassured, cautiously optimistic, you might say, that PC gaming is not dead. But on this journey of discovery I have happened upon a surprise realisation: what we should be concerned about is not that games are coming to consoles as well as PC, we should be concerned that the that developers will no longer view the PC as a viable platform for innovation and the place where they can push graphical boundaries. I don't believe that this has happened yet. But if it does, then we really will have something to worry about."

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BoneMagnus3875d ago

The PC will probably always have the best tools - due to it being an open system as opposed to a console, but I believe the people willing to pay to get computers capable of the cutting edge graphics is decreasing. Look at how well the Wii is selling - the general public wants casual gaming.

Its the law of diminishing returns. Does a game on a $1500 rig look THAT much better than on a $300-$400 console? What about a $4000 PC? For the price of some of these PCs, you could own every console along with a very nice TV and surround sound set up - with enough left over for a comfortable recliner.

There will reach a point where PC developers will not find a sufficient market to invest in a AAA game. - Many companies will close their doors or be forced to make cheaper games targeted at the masses. I don't believe hardcore PC gaming will ever die completely, but I do think the niche is shrinking.