Gates: Great To Be An Underdog

In the wake of Microsoft's collapsed bid for Yahoo!, Bill Gates spoke with on Sunday afternoon in an exclusive interview to talk about Google, the future of Microsoft and why he likes being the underdog.

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wolfehound223852d ago

I didn't know a billionaire who likes to push around smaller companies till they give in could be in underdog.

toughNAME3852d ago

Bringing the Xbox into the Nintendo/Sony owned market, and bringing the Zune into the Apple dominated market...regardless of how well they end up doing you gotta give Microsoft credit for having the balls to at least try.

Porky Pig3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

-The iPod still has over 50% of the Mp3 player market

-The Xbox 1 succeeded in passing the Nintendo Gamecube in sales,but completely failed against the Playstation 2 in the same category.

-The Xbox 360,though launching a full Year earlier than it's competitors,has already been surpassed in sales by the Nintendo Wii,and is currently being outsold by the Playstation 3 in it's most dominant market.

Call me a fool,but Microsoft have A LOT of work to do before their ventures in the video game and Mp3 market can be universally considered as a success.

kewlkat0073852d ago

MS is the underdog in the Search arena.

I was reading about MS and Yahoo and they say, Yahoo still might come back to the table later on. Seeing how Google doubled their revenue last year.If revenues continue to Dip, it's only the matter of time.

But analyst are still not sure why MS really needs yahoo...It would make MS stronger but, I wouldn't seem them overtaking Google. Hey I only use Google. It works.

Fishy Fingers3852d ago

Google have the best search algorithm, simple as that and they're name has become synonymous with internet search engines.

Yahoo should biddy up with Google.

Porky Pig3852d ago

The strongest names in the internet to date ^

And th-th-th-that's all folks!

jones smokey3852d ago

what he is saying iss that he is an underdog in the console war, bu he did not say it diretcly.....hahahahahah

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