First Metal Gear Solid 4 Review coming next Friday

Official Playstation Magazine's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots review is going to be published on May 16th, next Friday.

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wolfehound223874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

This game is looking very good. The MGO beta is a lot of fun. Although GTA4 have taken me away from it for now, but just can't wait for this game.

sonarus3874d ago

Its an early review plus its from PS mag so a 9.5 minimum is expected. Wouldn't rule out a 10 either since those are meaningless now

kosha3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Official playstation magazine only give out scores that are whole numbers so im quessing its gonna be a 10

Amanosenpai3874d ago

"Wouldn't rule out a 10 either since those are meaningless now"

Maybe they will need an ELEVEN then... °o°

somethingSQUISHY3874d ago

Exclusive reviews released a month before the actual game is released is such a ludicrous concept. I have a subscription, so I guess I'll be reading it. Unfortunately, my mag arrives about two weeks after hitting the stands, so I probably won't even get it before MGS4 comes out anyway.

Whatever near perfect score MGS4 receives, my anticipation for the game will be completely unaffected.

Ashta3874d ago

Actually, the Playstation Official Magazine (OPM doesn't exist anymore) doesn't give out any numbers at all.

they use a Star system that is broken in to halves. So, the game would probably rated a 4-1/2 stars or something

resistance1003874d ago


What are you talking about, we are on about the Official Playstation Magazine UK, not the american one. The UK one uses a 1-10 scales for there reviews

HighDefinition3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Means a mustplay/system seller, not perfect.

and YES, this will most likely get a 10/10, and people WILL complain it`s NOT perfect, the following week.

sonarus3874d ago

I'm a complete MGS fanboy. I have been anticipating this game for 3yrs constantly let down with its shifting release dates. From the other games i have watched get undeserved 10's i fully expect MGS4 to enjoy the same fate. In my eyes the game better be perfect

Hatchetforce3874d ago

What people have not seen yet may surprise them. I think we will discover with the review that the game is huge providing a ton of features and gameplay. It takes more than sound and textures to fill up 50GB.

MikeGdaGod3874d ago

the beta really has me pumped up for the single player campaign

off topic i know, but true still

Homicide3874d ago

I expect it to be a perfect score. Just trust me.

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solidjun53874d ago

that's kinda early. I thought Kojima and Co. are still tweaking some things with the game. O well, can't wait for the review. I think it's gonna be reviewed very favorably.

BeaArthur3874d ago

That is very early. It's so early it makes me wonder why we all have to wait for another month to get it.

Mainman3874d ago

The Review copy isnt always the final copy of the game.

BeaArthur3874d ago

Mainman...I have heard that before. That is kind of stupid though, how can you give an accurate review if it's not the retail version. The same thing happened with Lost Odyssey, the reviews kept saying how horrible the frame rates were and how long the load times were but the final version did not have those problems.

Kaz Hirai3874d ago

The prelude to Judgment Day is coming next Friday! June 12th is a day the gaming industry will NEVER forget!

38 days until Judgment Day, Nazisoft!


Jack Meahoffer3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Not very good when COD4, R6V2, TF2 and GTA IV all launched with broken multiplayer on PS3.

Judgement Day? Yeah for the weak PSN servers...

EDIT @ 1.2 - I see what you're saying because I'm still focusing on GTA IV single player but it was still nice to fire up multiplayer for a couple minutes to try it out.

The product should work on day one and its not always the developers fault when it doesn't. With the track record PSN is racking up its looking more and more like Sony fault for not organizing PSN better.

resistance1003874d ago

@Jack Meahoffer

Who on earth will play MGO on June 12th?

When you have the amazing game called Metal Gear Solid 4 sitting in front of you. I'm not even going to touch MGO until i've completed MGS4, simply because i might end up going online and then someone might spoil the story for me over the headset

Sir Ken Kutaragi3874d ago

Look at the xBot Lemmings on this!!! ;-D Pathetic!!!
8/10??? 8.5/10??? ;-D

11/10!!! More like!!! ;-P

Go away!!!And drool over your Painted pictures of Gears Of War 2!!!

+I hope 'Judgment Day' is tomorrow King Kaz!!! ;-P


Hatchetforce3874d ago

I see Jack. You are another one of those dumbasses that doesn't understand how certain games work. You don't understand that Konami, not Sony run the servers for MGO. That's why there was an issue.

You are on of those dumbasses that forgets the COD4 issues on Xbox Live ran all the way past Christmas, long after the PSN issues were resolved. Why? Because IW, not Sony were in charge of server administration. You can dig around at Kotaku for a good accounting of the MS issues.

Next time try fact checking. You will look just a tad less ignorant if you try engaging your brain housing group before you let your fingers wander aimlessly, and some what uselessly I might add across the keyboard.

juuken3874d ago

Jack...don't talk anymore.
You're embarrassing yourself.

Jack Meahoffer3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

I know Sony doesn't run the servers for any game. THATS THE PROBLEM. There is no structure. Sony just lets developers do their own thing when bad results so far.

See thats all you can attack me on is something totally freakin obvious. Its Sony's fault for setting up weak infastruture and its you Sony fanboys fault for defending thier screw ups at every turn.

How many games have to come out with broken online before you fanboys start to realize you can't blame every single developer. Sony needs to get their act together. If the service is going to be free its still got to work. Home is another example. Over ambitious and no follow through...

None of you can refute what I'm saying so just keep calling me names and making up stupid crap.

Hatchetforce3874d ago

You said weak PSN servers you imbecile. You didn't say weak Konami servers. Suck it. Suck it long and suck it hard you blockhead.

We are attacking you for something obvious alright...what you said is in black and white and far beyond your ability to edit now. Reap the whirlwind for your idiotic and ill informed remarks.

No follow through? Who announced that Marketplace would be a store and you will be able to sell personal items like T shirts or download mods from friends? There is failing in follow through and it is MS. Sony is the one that is slowly but surely capitalizing on their vision with a plan and a machine built to last longer than a year.

And I repeat, free PSN has not had half of the COD4 issues plaguing Live. So have a big hot lumpy steaming mug of STFU and start swallowing that pride. Sony has been slow but they have been careful. Obviously you prefer a rush to market idea and console. RROD anyone?

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kosha3874d ago

Ye it is really early for a review if its coming out in june. Thats a whole month away.

resistance1003874d ago

I suspect the game is near enough complete anyway, they are just holding it back until June, so sales aren't effected by GTA IV

kosha3874d ago

To release two games this big at vertually the same time would just be stupid.

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