First MotorStorm 2 Screens & Interview (not scans)

D+PAD Magazine have an exclusive interview with MotorStorm 2's Game Director Nigel Kershaw as well as the first screenshots available online. Pages 17, 18 & 19.

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sumfood4u3879d ago

Part~1 Matrix Animation looked Awesome Can't wait to see Part~2!

sonarus3879d ago

Easily most anticipated racing title for the yr

kevoncox3879d ago

Are these real screens of fake trailer screens like they ried to sell us last time as in game.

Variable3879d ago

No one ever said that trailer was in-game :)

Montrealien3879d ago


No one, especially Sony, never said it was not...

on topic

I can`t wait for this game, loved the first one.

RobotIsTheFuture3878d ago

Is that a plastic bike offroadin'!? Whoa! that'd be Sick... always wanted to play tha 1st one (I don't own a next gen-console :-()

3878d ago
badz1493878d ago

the 1st one was good! the 2nd one will surely be AWESOME!! it's simply the most anticipated racing game this year and a must buy! I can't see PURE or BAJA which are multiplatform games have anything to stand against MOTORSTORM! exclusive for PS3 and desert racing is sooo 2007!!

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SL1M DADDY3879d ago


I love off road racing, especially when it is done in the arcade style and Motorstorm delivers. MS2 looks to be an improvement on an already cool franchise. Kudos.

iMad3879d ago

I doubt PS3 can deliver great GFX. if it will i will buy it sometime..maybe...

And i don't need Blue Ray in about 1 or 2 years.

juuken3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

The PS3 is capable of that and more. Don't use this article to trashtalk the PS3 because I guarantee you will be incorrect and by the end of the year, you'll look stupid for saying this.

Love how the 360 fanbabies STILL talk trash despite the fact that the PS3 is catching up with the 360 every month.

599 US Dollars3879d ago

yeah but,.... it has no games. so........ what now?

PSMonster213879d ago

You troll, don't you have better things to do?

stoo313879d ago

I can't wait for this game, it's going to be very special!

bootsielon3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

You can doubt, but 360 has yet to show something better looking than most PS3 exclusive games. You also need to explain why Call of Duty 4, Devil May Cry 4, Burnout Paradise and GTAIV got better reviews on PS3 despite 360's glorious achievement features, and why do these games, plus oblivion, look better on PS3, dipsh1t? Oh, no explanation? So you're talking out of your ass? Predictable from an Xbot.

Have fun with your cartoony dithered GTAIV look with pop-in and framerate issues, while PS3 fans play the realistic version that runs as smoothly as butter and where you can't count the pixels as you can on the 360 version (if it doesn't RROD first). Also, since you doubt it can produce "GREAT GFX" (lol at the retard moniker that you use for Graphics), you should ask why most press outlets think so.


"PS3 upscales the game like Halo 3 and looks smudgy at best. The 360 actually runs much smoother and with more detail. "

You know, you can actually say what you want, but that doesn't make it true. All press outlets contradict all you're saying. And BTW, I actually rented both GTAIV for 360 and for PS3 to make the decision myself, and guess what? Despite the fact that on paper both have the same anti-aliasing, it works better on PS3, and Sam Houser, developer behind GTAIV, agrees in that it looks better. Hell, nearly every press outlet says the same.

What's ironic is that despite being rendered at a higher resolution, the 360 version has pop-in, frame rate issues, massive dithering and a non-realistic color. It's been proven on video and with a 400x Zoom. Rockstar might have tried 640p on Xbox 360 but, as they said, 360 isn't as good for AA as PS3, which is why the trade-off was better for 360. Sorry to disappoint you, but most AAA multiplatform games run better on PS3 now, like the ones I already mentioned.

You completely ignored everything I asked: Why is it that GTAIV got better reviews on PS3, just like most AAA 3rd party games as of late? My recommendation for you is that you take your Microsoft fanboy glasses when you play them next time.

Just for fun, I'm gonna make a ludicrous statement and pretend it's true just because you can do it.

"It's a widely known fact that GTAIV has caused 87% of Xbox 360s to RROD. Hell, you know why I know it? Because everybody else, including ALL press outlets, is wrong. Cuz I said so."

Care to prove me wrong? Show some pics, videos, whatever. THEN we'll talk.

stoo313879d ago

The PS3 is a capable console but I think anyone is yet to see it.

Have you actually played GTA IV on both consoles? PS3 upscales the game like Halo 3 and looks smudgy at best. The 360 actually runs much smoother and with more detail.

juuken3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

" Have you actually played GTA IV on both consoles? PS3 upscales the game like Halo 3 and looks smudgy at best. The 360 actually runs much smoother and with more detail."

Actually, the PS3 version is smoother and has more detail. The 360 version is sharp/good in some areas but it other areas it's oversharpened. It's better to have something smooth than to have it sharp and jaggy.

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