Microsoft Release Free Game Creator

Last week, Microsoft announced the release of PopFly, a simple program that allows users to create games without the need to know any code. Taking a number of genres as a foundation, PopFly offers a range of templates based on classic arcade games, upon which you can import your own characters, backgrounds, etc. Once done, the games can then be hosted, on stuff like websites, blogs, Facebook pages or even your Vista sidebar. It' Silverlight-only, which is a slight hassle, and is fairly basic, but hey, who said everything on this world had to be perfect?

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SpecialSauce3873d ago

i want to play games NOT make them. this thing suks anyway complete waste of time. download phun its WAY better

wow4u3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Neat, if you've never checked out popfly, you should. It lets you build widgets and embed them anywhere you like.

It's pretty damn sweet.