Keyboards dirtier than toilets

Computer keyboards are dirtier than toilets and are home to millions of bacteria, according to a new study conducted by the consumer watchdog "Boffins".

Some of the bugs could give you the trots and vomiting, as researchers found the "dirty qwertys" were home to a host of bugs, including E coli and staphylococcus aureus. Boffins compared 30 keyboards with a toilet seat and toilet door handle in a typical London office. One keyboard was so toxic it was found to be a health hazard, as it was five times filthier than the toilet seat.

Two more of the 33 tested keyboards had "warning levels" of bacteria, putting the user at risk if it spread, and a further two had high levels of coliform – associated with fecal matter. Apparently, it gets worse if you eat at your terminal because the crumbs that fall into the keyboard feed the bugs.

Munching on snacks at your desk is the main cause of germs, as crumbs fall into the keyboard and encourage the growth of bacteria.

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Kakkoii3490d ago

Well this story sure opened my eyes lol.. I never really thought much of all the grunge between the keys on my keyboard..

I'm surely going to go pop my keyboard in the washing machine today lol.

(Yes you can wash them in a washing machine if done right.)

3489d ago
TrevorPhillips3490d ago

it will only get dirty if u spill stuff on it or anything else

Kakkoii3490d ago

Actually no...

The dirt and oils from your fingers build up over the years slowly creeping down the side of your keys. Also airborne dust and stuff lands on the keys and gets stuck on the side of the keys. And then bacteria starts to grow along with little bugs.

ravinash3490d ago

if it ends up on your fingers, it'll end up on your keyboard.....don't tell me you have never pick...I mean scratched your nose.

xhi43490d ago

same with mouses. we never wash it or nothing otherwise itll break.

And the gaps between the keyboards collect dust, food particles, fesces particles, urine particles oil and normal bacteria.

many people use their keyboards for years, and a lot.

At least toilet's get washed.......keyboards not so much.

DarkArcani3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Think about it. When you take a shower, what do you do? Put clean underwear on. Then you sit on a seat(unless your European) that other people sit on. Nothing throughout the day really gets on your butt.

That is unless you have explosive butt syndrome and hover 5ft above the toilet.

lsujester3489d ago

"That is unless you have explosive butt syndrome and hover 5ft above the toilet."

That lone sentence earns a bubble for you!!

KyonoRocks3489d ago

"Then you sit on a seat(unless your European)"

Err who started this myth that Europeans squat over toilets?! We sit down too!

ben8063490d ago

stops licking his keyboard.......

ravinash3490d ago

Sorry, I was hungry and I heard there were food particles in there.

techie3490d ago

starts licking toilets instead...

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The story is too old to be commented.