Iron Man King Of the Box Office

And what Hollywood? "The reason why ticket sales are down is because of video games" my butt.

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kerwin20053848d ago

saw this movie it was everthing i wanted in a summer movie let's hope hulk and bat man can top that.

Danja3848d ago

I t was definetly better than what I was expecting......very good summer movie...shoot best comic book movie i've seen since Spiderman 2..

and I have no doubt Batman:The Dark Knight...will own....previews look sick....

gtgcoolkid3848d ago

great movie. one of the best. I am really looking forward to Hulk and Dark Knight. I am hoping Edward Norton does justice to bruce banner unlike the last movie. And with DArk Knight, I really doubt they can mess up that movie.

SIX3848d ago

What a way to start off the summer! This movie was awesome! Too bad the game blows :[.....BTW, did you all stay until the credits finished?

LinuxGuru3848d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed Iron Man.

Slick comedy, neat little romantic touches here and there, quick and explosive action, GREAT animations and effects...

Robert Downey Jr. was the PERFECT man for the part. Iron Man's character, Tony Stark, fits him like a glove.

kwicksandz3848d ago

Robert played the part of tony like it was written for him. How he managed to stay likeable even as a millionaire genius playboy i dont know but he did it!

The Closing3848d ago

Yeah, when Robert Downey isn't completely krunked out of his minds he makes kick @ss movies. The role was made for him.

I thought the movie was really good, and second to Begins, and just edging out Spidey 2.

Dark knight will take the crown though no doubt.

GCO Gamer3848d ago

he made me feel jellous with all the money he had a that house man.

LinuxGuru3848d ago

Yeah, I know, that house was somethin' else, huh!

The Closing3848d ago

and the women. But first of all the suit!

Next time!

Warmachine in the hizey!

LinuxGuru3848d ago

Yeap, that silver-looking suit is so obviously going to be war machine next time around.

LinuxGuru3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

"Alright Jarvis, let's start with thrusters at 10% maximum thrust"............... FOOOM / THWACK! *Thud*

@ skerj

Yeah, the whole theater was bustin' up laughing at that part, LoL...

Skerj3848d ago

That part was funny as hell.

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The story is too old to be commented.