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Submitted by GCO Gamer 2763d ago | news

Iron Man King Of the Box Office

And what Hollywood? "The reason why ticket sales are down is because of video games" my butt. (Culture, Grand Theft Auto IV, PS3, Xbox 360)

kerwin2005  +   2763d ago
saw this movie it was everthing i wanted in a summer movie let's hope hulk and bat man can top that.
Danja  +   2763d ago
I t was definetly better than what I was expecting......very good summer movie...shoot best comic book movie i've seen since Spiderman 2..

and I have no doubt Batman:The Dark Knight...will own....previews look sick....
gtgcoolkid  +   2763d ago
great movie. one of the best. I am really looking forward to Hulk and Dark Knight. I am hoping Edward Norton does justice to bruce banner unlike the last movie. And with DArk Knight, I really doubt they can mess up that movie.
SIX  +   2763d ago
Iron Man/Hulk/Batman..................That's a lineup..................reminds me of Sony's killer lineup this year...:)
What a way to start off the summer! This movie was awesome! Too bad the game blows :[.....BTW, did you all stay until the credits finished?
LinuxGuru  +   2763d ago
I thoroughly enjoyed Iron Man.

Slick comedy, neat little romantic touches here and there, quick and explosive action, GREAT animations and effects...

Robert Downey Jr. was the PERFECT man for the part. Iron Man's character, Tony Stark, fits him like a glove.
kwicksandz  +   2763d ago
i agree
Robert played the part of tony like it was written for him. How he managed to stay likeable even as a millionaire genius playboy i dont know but he did it!
The Closing  +   2763d ago
Yeah, when Robert Downey isn't completely krunked out of his minds he makes kick @ss movies. The role was made for him.

I thought the movie was really good, and second to Begins, and just edging out Spidey 2.

Dark knight will take the crown though no doubt.
Silver360  +   2763d ago
Hot movie
Yeah I am Iron Man
GCO Gamer  +   2763d ago
he made me feel jellous with all the money he had a that house man.
LinuxGuru  +   2763d ago
Yeah, I know, that house was somethin' else, huh!
The Closing  +   2763d ago
and the women. But first of all the suit!

Next time!

Warmachine in the hizey!
LinuxGuru  +   2763d ago
Yeap, that silver-looking suit is so obviously going to be war machine next time around.
LinuxGuru  +   2763d ago
"Alright Jarvis, let's start with thrusters at 10% maximum thrust"............... FOOOM / THWACK! *Thud*

@ skerj

Yeah, the whole theater was bustin' up laughing at that part, LoL...
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Skerj  +   2763d ago
That part was funny as hell.
GCO Gamer  +   2763d ago
Looks at the suit

"Next time baby"
LinuxGuru  +   2763d ago
GCO Gamer  +   2763d ago
That's the cools thing i have ever seen in my life.
stennexxx  +   2763d ago
Wicked movie!
Great! movie. A must watch. Amazing fighting scenes and a great script.
FCOLitsjustagame  +   2763d ago
Great movie. I am hoping the next hulk rocks and Batman looks kickass. But the next big movie for me is Indiana Jones. I thought HF would be way too old for the role but the previews made it look as good as the first three.
The Closing  +   2763d ago
I dunno I want to new Indy to be good, but I have my doubts with George Lucas growing old, and losing his edge an all. I guess it can't get much cornier than Temple of Doom or the 3 newest Star Wars films though.
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TheExodus  +   2763d ago
@FCOLitsjustagame: Agreed. I was concerned about the next Indiana Jones movie with Harrison Ford being 65, but he looked fairly agile in the trailer. Likely a lot of special effects, though I do hope Lucas makes another Indiana Jones trilogy before Ford retries.
Premonition  +   2763d ago
MOVIE OWNED,and i knew it would make alot, GTA IV didnt have an effect because most gamers went out and saw it and went back to GTA afterwords, I dont see why gamers would stay in their house all day when they had GTA IV basically since Tuesday.
GCO Gamer  +   2763d ago
your right
djtek184  +   2763d ago
best movie i've seen in a long time!
shysun  +   2763d ago
Same here, it had everything.
IIamback  +   2763d ago
They expected 70 million in opening weekend but it made 105 million USD, yeah obviously GTA4 affected this movie big time.../sarc.

IRON MAN is cool movie i think Robert Downey did excellent job, comedy parts were awesome, special effect too, but i needed a little more action.
FCOLitsjustagame  +   2763d ago
Its a setup movie, like the first spiderman\x-men. You have to establish the character for future movies.

Not only for an Iron Man two but I have heard that they say there is going to be a Thor, Captian America and Antman movie which will pave the way for an Avengers movie.

Ofcourse assuming they get known actors for the other characters an Avengers movie would be wwwaaayyy expensive. Especially if you are going to bring Hulk (Edward Norton) and Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) into the mix.
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The Closing  +   2763d ago
Ehh. I doubt anyone really cares about a Thor or Ant man series.

What they need to do is make the Captian America movie, and then go into Civil War, and then after the new Hulk do World War Hulk. That would be as the kids say, "epic."

Also If they do a new X-Men movie after origins they best do Age of Apocalypse. And If they do another Spidey they really need to bring in Carnage.
TheExodus  +   2763d ago
If they do another Spider-Man they need to leave the romance scenes on the cutting room floor because midway through Spider-Man 2 had me wishing that Peter was chasing Harry instead of settling for Mary Jane.
hades07  +   2763d ago
Did any of you see the surprise at the very end of the credits for the Iron Man movie?
tamd  +   2763d ago
well 100 million in opening is low for this type of movie
CNIVEK  +   2763d ago
You sir...
...are a fvcking RETARD.

Read THIS.... :o
krisq  +   2763d ago
Did you...
...guys saw Sam Jackson as Nick Fury at the end? The next Iron Man movie is defenitely coming and it will kick ass.
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ceedubya9  +   2763d ago
The way it ended though, it made me think that they may bypass Iron Man 2 for the moment and go straight into Avengers. Or maybe Iron Man 2 will feature some Avengers characters in it.
SL1M DADDY  +   2763d ago
Well, I was unable to see it...
But the movie sounds tits. I will have to make that this weekends priority. Sounds like a definite BD movie purchase for the big 1080p LCD!
ceedubya9  +   2763d ago
"Sounds like a definite BD movie purchase for the big 1080p LCD!"
ben806  +   2763d ago
$100.8 Million not enough hollywood? are pirates stealing the daily bread from your mouths? how about you guys sue some people to make yourselves feel better? not enough? wanna blame video games? o.k then you do that.
its nothing to do with the fact you expect people to come watch your movie- sit through half an hour of adverts- pay crazy prices for your food- have some kid kicking to back of your seat or talk through the movie- and pay 7 pounds for the privilege....

o.k rant over im gunna see iron man today. ironic i know
Death  +   2763d ago
Piracy sucks.
If the price for food costs too much, don't go hungry. The best way to avoid a kid kicking you is to see a later show. There is no way to justify stealing something that is very expensive to create.

vloeistof  +   2763d ago
was funny

i know yall keept watching tillthe credits where over...spoiler

then you see samual jackson as nick furry.
talk about the avengers .

wich marvel will make in 2012
mariusmal  +   2763d ago
only thing that rocked was the song "iron man". the rest is fire and forget. fun to watch ONLY once in a lifetime. and that for me isnt a great movie.
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CNIVEK  +   2763d ago
...there's an idiot in every crowd. I saw it twice this weekend, taking my two young nephews the second time. I'm a Spider-man fan, and never even read Iron Man comics before...but I admit that this kicked Spidey's ass EASILY. If you're not a fan of comic-based movies, then don't fvcking watch them. This movie was HANDS DOWN the best comic film made TO DATE, and the fans/critics all agree with that. You're OBVIOUSLY not a fan, so your opinion really doesn't mean squat. :o
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sumfood4u  +   2763d ago
Hulk dunno last one feel asleep 1st 2 hours of it. last 17mins Action not worth the Wait! Batman always had Corny Bosses, so It be nice to see the Dark Knight do good in Box Office, but given his past 3-4 movies! Not so Sure! Sorry Bat~Man Fans just voicing my opinion! No Offences!
The Closing  +   2762d ago
You don't know what yer talkin about. Batman always has the most realistic "villains" with real psychological issues. They're really F'ed up in the head.

I like both, but the Marvel universe always had less realistic cornier villains.
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Xbox is the BEST  +   2761d ago
Corny Bosses?
Meet Harvey Dent

Related image(s)
Surfman  +   2763d ago
one funny part was at the end, when he said to the medias "im am Ironman" instead of "bla bla bla i was on a boat with friends".
Diugu  +   2763d ago
I hope that doesnt sound racist or anything, because I am not.

But... wasn't Nick Fury white? I just like things to be correct, I wish they would represent him the way he was. :/
ceedubya9  +   2763d ago
Yes but....
Once Marvel started doing their "Ultimate" line of comics, they changed some things around a bit to put their characters more in line with today's world. In the Unltimate Marvel Universe, Nick Fury is a black man that has a striking resemblance to Samuel L. Jackson. I believe that SLJ was the motivation for this design choice when Marvel went this route, which is why anyone that has kept up with this stuff was not surprised to see him cast as Nick Fury in the movie. But yes, the original Nick Fury is white. This one is based on the Ultimate version.
Diugu  +   2762d ago
Ok, cool then.

I think they shouldnt have changed it so radically but maybe the character is cooler now. Gotta go check those comics. Been a while since I've read some good comics.

Thanks for the info, bubbles for you.
ceedubya9  +   2762d ago
No problem
You should be able to find trade paperbacks of the "Ultimates" (which is the Ultimate Universe version of the Avengers). You could order it on Amazon for a pretty good price. Ultimates and Ultimates 2. Good books. All feature the new Nick Fury. Also, there is the Ultimate Avengers animated DVD movies that came out recently. Also, when all else fails, check out Wiki!
kingme71  +   2763d ago
Best line of the movie:
"Why are you 3 hours late?"
"I was doing a piece for Vanity Fair"

followed closely by:
"Do you ever lose an hours sleep at night doing what you do?"
"No, but I'd like to lose a couple tonight with you"

Great movie and I agree games aren't keeping people out of the movie, bad movies have been. What the heck has come out so far in '08 worth watching up until now?
ceedubya9  +   2763d ago
Not much
has really come out since last summer. And that was slim pickings as well. Seems to be a lot more potential hotness coming up this time around. Comic based movies are going to own the summer, along with Narnia.
Andras84  +   2762d ago
I saw the movie yesterday! It was awsome!
Also I just finished GTA4 yesterday after the movie....put in close to 30hours so far awsome game.
I think if a good movie comes out everyone will go and see it regardless of what game is out.
Your game will wait for you at home and you can play it for the rest of your life...there is no reason why you can't leave it alone for a few hours.
Also this mont: Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian should be good and Indiana Jones 4 !!!
chfthnder26  +   2762d ago
the best part in the movie was when he was pissed off and he went to put the suit on they nailed that part on the head i mean u could really see the emotion in his eyes and the way he put the suit on was so accurate
Ureval  +   2762d ago
Does everyone know why this whole silly debate started? Its cause Halo 3 came out the same week as THE HEARTBREAK KID. So stupid. Hollywood blames video games for hurting the box office of a movie that didnt look interesting anyways.

Guess Ironman disproves that theory.

Interesting tidbit. Wikipedia has Downey Jr listed as playing Tony Stark in the upcoming Hulk movie. !!!
jinn  +   2761d ago
i believe these movies r for kids

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