GTA IV: Lola Drawing

ZZ Writes: "Lola from GTA IV drawing using prismacolor markers and pencils. It took about 3 hours to complete."

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Yi-Long3875d ago

... but the way he builds up a drawing is completely different from how I would do it...

Interesting to see someone starting with the eyes and nose first, before drawing the shape of the head and stuff... plus he already colours when he wasnt finished drawing yet.

Nice to see different ways how people draw... :)

gonzopia3875d ago

All depends on how you work, right? Typically, however, as an artist you start with the interior facial features like eyes, nose, mouth etc. Those features will dictate the shape of the face. Trying to squeeze features onto an existing face is often awkward.

Ricdeau3874d ago

I always start with eyes myself. As mentioned above it really helps to determine the exact shape you end up taking with the face. As a kid when I taught myself how to drawn I ended up tossing aside the 'how-to' books, and ended up starting on eyes or the nose first. Art teachers didn't really like this approach either since I would bother with a lot of the things they'd teach about drawing people.

I find there's a time and a place for creating an outlined sitck figure, but on a close up such as this picture I prefered the method this artist uses. I just wish I had the same level of talent. :(

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radzy3875d ago


ravinash3875d ago

Thats talent.

Didn't see any guide lines or anything, unless it was under the paper.

Fallen_Angel3875d ago

ya pretty impressive to do that with out any guide lines

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The story is too old to be commented.