War of Wordcraft: After Repeated Shots From Activision CEO, Electronic Arts Finally Fires Back

Level Up writes: "When the CEO of the world's largest videogame publisher takes repeated shots at the runner-up, even a journalist must eventually take note and seek comment. That's exactly what we did after noticing three separate statements in which Activision CEO Bobby Kotick had taken a dig at Electronic Arts, including an accusation that EA has been "taking the soul" out of a lot of the studios it purchased. To address this string of criticism, we sent some questions over to Jeff Brown, EA's vice president of corporate communications, for the company's official response."

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Porky Pig3876d ago

It sure as hell isn't showing

And th-th-th-that's all folks!

dan-boy3876d ago

ea are not great, and their games are sh!t. except for burnout, but even that's taken a turn for the worst with paradise.

but on side note, can i just say, that you writing in stutters, is not only annoying, but a touch sad imo.

Saint Sony3876d ago

"it's in the game"... Sorry it isn't. EA is evil.

Percy3876d ago

The only problem i have with ea is that in my opinion they use their size and money to keep other companies from being able to compete. If it was not for ea having a seemingly unlimited supply of funds they would not have exclusive rights to the nfl. If they did not have exclusive rights other company's would have a chance at making a nfl game that would sell. Right now most people do not want a football game that is not nfl so there is no profit in competing with ea which sucks for nfl fans everywhere.

sumfood4u3876d ago

EA isn't doing things up to Gammers Expectation!

Baka-akaB3876d ago

LOl the comment about Activision owning 3 successfull franchises was funny .
Problem is at least Activision got those 3 good franchises ... what can Ea show us ? the same 3 crappy sports rehashes keeping them alive , and a bunch of dead studios and broken franchises ...