IGN: DragonBall Z: Burst Limit Interview

There have been countless DragonBall Z games over the years and Burst Limit is definitely looking like one of the best. IGN fired over a few questions to Yasu Nishimura, the games Co-producer at Namco Bandai, to find out a little more.

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Wildarmsjecht3847d ago

PLEASE make a DBZ game that was like DBZ:Legends. That game by far ahead of it's time, but was a fantastic title. You actually felt like you were playing the anime, and as a younger person on the PS1, that was amazing. The ability to control 3 characters at once, sometimes having a friend with you, performing those epic multi-hit battle sequence was better than almost all of the regular vs games. Save for Ultimate battle 22 and Hyper Dimension, the fighting games have felt like the same, especially all of the budokai and whatever else variation they come up with.